Today’s Headlines

  • Fired RedFlex Exec Says Cam Company Bribed Officials in Dozens of Cities (Tribune)
  • Report: Metra Police Poorly Trained, Rarely Ride Trains (Sun-Times)
  • Editorial: Donations to CTA Union’s Charity Appear to Be Conflict of Interest (Tribune)
  • While Kubly Is Now Working for Alta, Klein Is Advising Them for Free (Crain’s)
  • Chicago’s Snow Clearing Ordinance Has No Teeth (NBC)
  • Chiberia II Could Cause Metra Delays (CBS)
  • NIRPC Seeking Public Input on Bikes on South Shore Line Trains
  • A Reptile Dysfunction: Cops Arrest Woman Who Brought Gator on CTA (Tribune)
  • Steven Creates Map With Every Parking Meter Paybox in Town (Expired Meter)

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  • BlueFairlane

    “A Reptile Dysfunction”

    This is the best headline ever.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    Do you really think Gabe Klien is truly advising Alta for “free”. Or is there something waiting down the line for him, friends or relatives?

  • Not Suprised

    Why do the Metra cops even exist? While this is strictly anecdotal, I am a daily rider and the only time I see them is 1-2 times a month when they are chatting with each other at Ogilvie Station.

  • Sherriff Hotdog

    They exist so over-weight, retired cops can collect a paycheck and pension (and, after they retire again, two pensions).

  • Anna Schibrowsky

    I didn’t realize Metra cops existed. I’ve seen Metra personnel call local police and Amtrak police, but never Metra police. Where are they? Why are they called police if they’re just guarding property at the downtown stations?

  • BlueFairlane

    Railroads have employed “police” almost since the start of railroads. Here’s a wikipedia link …

    I once got stopped by Metra police, about six years ago. I was riding my bike on Grand, and Metra was moving an engine (no cars) back and forth across the crossing. I waited until the engine backed across the street at one point (checking to make sure there wasn’t a train on the other set of tracks), then crossed against the light. A Metra cop in and SUV stopped me and yelled at me for a while. I believe he would have had jurisdiction to give me a ticket, but he just gave me a warning.