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    This happened early Friday and didn’t make it into your “Today’s headlines” section, but there were 8 separate crashes on Lake Shore Drive Friday morning. It is probably a good indicator of the necessity of the LSD revamp project.

  • Christopher Murphy

    How serious it the Six Corners Business Association on bike infrastructure? They say they are on Facebook, but I can’t confirm this anywhere else.

  • Alex_H

    I don’t know about the association, but my experience has been that the existing bike infrastructure in the area is not that great, at least on “main” roads. But it’s possible that I’m simply not familiar enough with the area to know where the good bike routes are.

  • It would be brilliant if they’d push for protected lanes on Irving Park, I tell you what … It’s plenty wide enough for them.

  • Christopher Murphy

    No the infrastructure right now in Six Corners is pretty bad. They plan on making the area more accessible, but all I heard about that was a reply on their Facebook page. That is why the Divvy thing seems unrealistic. Who is going to get a Divvy if the streets aren’t good to ride on?

    It would be interesting if they did something on Irving Park. Right now it is the scariest street I ever road on. (Beats Western)

  • I had the same thoughts as you when I was reading about this. Infrastructure that facilitates more and safer bicycling must come before and during a bike-share system’s expansion.

  • Christopher Murphy

    The Six Corners Master
    Economic Development Plan “Due to the limited right of way and building
    lot locations, it is not feasible to install dedicated bike lanes.”

    Another article states that Alderman Arena wants to lift a rush hour parking ban on Milwaukee and that would make it easier to install a bike lane??!!

  • Irving Park is insanely wide through Six Corners, I have no idea what they’re talking about. And not right at the Corners, but for several blocks eastwards, people rarely use the (free) street parking, so you could totally take that for width too.

  • Anna Schibrowsky

    I just wrote a long comment on the DNA article about my experience cycling in the area and the lack of cycling infrastructure.

    From the Nadig article, “a shared lane for bicycles and parked cars” – Does anyone else see how than would not work whatsoever?!

  • David Altenburg

    On one hand, “a shared lane for bicycles and parked cars” is clearly an idiotic idea. OTOH, that’s what a lot of our bike lanes are in practice anyway.

  • Which article is the Nadig article?

  • Anna Schibrowsky

    The article Christopher Murphy linked to. It’s by Brian Nadig at

  • I tried to comment there, but I don’t blog on WordPress and I don’t see how to create an identity there for commenting. Nadig doesn’t permit anonymous comments or comments ‘logged in’ from non-wordpress sources, as other WPs I participate in do.

  • I don’t think I have to read the development to know how wrong that is. Neither Cicero, nor Irving Park, nor Milwaukee have such unique geometries that preclude the installation of bike lanes. It’s possible to convert existing lanes to other uses.

    [The statement you’ve quoted makes it seem like the plan authors were considering the possibility of converting non-road surfaces (like curbs, parkways, sidewalks, or other people’s property) into bike lanes. While this is unorthodox for American bike lane design, it’s not to be completely written off.]