Today’s Headlines

  • South Side BRT Open House 6-8 p.m. Tonight at Juarez Academy (Sun-Times, NBC)
  • Active Trans: Eliminating Lefts on Ashland Will Save Lives (Sun-Times)
  • Waguespack Compare the BRT plan to the Parking Meter Deal (Urban Times)
  • Is Rahm Breaking Promise to Allow Wards to Opt Out of Free Sunday Parking? (DNA)
  • Passenger Killed in Woodlawn Crash, DUI Suspected (Tribune)
  • Ghost Bike Installed for Ex-Marine Killed on Bike by Drunk Driver (DNA)
  • Speed Cams Installed in Washington Park, Lakeview (DNA)
  • Portage Park Cams Now Issuing Tickets (DNA)
  • Divvy Launches New Station Request Website (RedEye, DNA)
  • What’s New About the O’Hare Line Overhaul? (RedEye)
  • CTA Eliminating Morning and Afternoon Spot Cleaning of Railcars (RedEye)
  • ‘L’ert Phone App Keeps Sleepy Commuters From Missing Their Stops (DNA)

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  • Chicagio

    What kind of BS statement is this: “Many of the people who supported the parking meter deal are supporting this project,”

    Guilt by association now? What a hack.

  • Fred

    Increased recidivism AND dirtier el trains? Hooray union!!

  • alexfrancisburchard

    Why for the love of God would they REDUCE cleaning on the trains? REALLY?

  • forensicgarlic

    Also, you could say that about any thing the aldermen pass. There’s never more than 5 of them voting against anything. If Rahm proposed a baby’s are for eating law, they’d grumble but then pass it.

  • deez

    Yeah, the CTA union is delusional if they thought that ex-offenders working through the apprentice program were going to be replaced by union members at $13-$30/hour. I wish they city would have just kept the program going.

  • Joseph Musco

    The entire quote is “…they are the same people who, a few years ago, while we were about to have agreement to remove parking along Halsted St. during rush hour and use dedicated curb service for buses, suddenly realized that the meter deal would make that impossible. They focus on one thing and they do not and will not look at the whole picture.”

  • Fred

    I wouldn’t call this story over yet. If the trains do get noticeably dirtier and people start complaining, the city can hire more union cleaners then tout how it is both committed to improving the CTA experience and creating jobs. (WINNING!) They just have to wait long enough for the general public to forget why the trains were dirtier in the first place.