Today’s Headlines

  • CDOT Announces 50 New Speed Cam Locations (DNA, Expired Meter)
  • Klein: Divvy Is Close to Signing an “8-Figure” Sponsorship Deal (WBEZ)
  • Emanuel Says Claypool Is Doing the Rights Things to Fix Ventra (Tribune)
  • Weekend Green Line Service Suspended for Track Work (DNA)
  • Graphic: Bike and Transit Projects Cost Chicken Feed Compared to Highways (Transitized)
  • Bus Drivers: Customers Who Exit Front Door Have Ventra Card Charged Again (RedEye)
  • Ventra Is a High-Tech New System That Doesn’t Work (Marketplace)
  • Still Haven’t Received Your New Fare Card? Here’s What to Do (Tattler)
  • Stalled Freight Train Blocks Traffic at Busy Glen Ellyn Intersections (CBS)
  • Doored Cyclist Gets $700K From Driver, Bike Rental Company (DNA)

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  • Anonymous

    Anyone willing to make guess who will be Divvy’s 8-figure sponsor?

    There are not that many candidates really. My guess it is going to be either a large financial services firm with a strong presence in the Chicago market (BofA, Chase, maybe MB, or BMO Harris?), a large CPG company with strong roots in Chicago (Kraft, Hillshire Farms, maybe PepsiCo?) or a large restaurant chain (only candidate I can think of is McDonalds).

    Or it could come out of nowhere and be a company like Boeing, Motorola, United, etc. that moved into the city using generous tax credits and feels pressured to “repay” its debts.

    Any guesses?

  • Anonymous

    That double-charging thing is going to be a real problem on very crowded rush hour buses where are people have to stand right next to the fare machine. Ventra just keeps getting worse, doesn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    I hope its just Kanye. No company, just him.

  • Anonymous

    Re: Doored Biker
    I imagine the more Divvy riders you have, the more lawsuits that will be leveled by riders hurt as a result of accidents on Divvy Bikes.

    For one thing the bikes have no lights and no reflectors on the rear of the bikes for riding at night and who the heck is going to be “schooling” the riders as to proper bike riding in the city?

    Also saw a bike rider yesterday ride right in front of an ambulance with its lights and siren on. All vehicles had stopped. The rider just had to get thru the intersection.

  • David Altenburg

    What are you talking about? The Divvy bikes have flashing lights on the front and the back.

  • That would be totally appropriate, since he’s a noted advocate for cautious driving.

  • Anonymous

    Divvy is protected by the “BICYCLE RENTAL AGREEMENT, LIABILITY WAIVER, AND RELEASE.” The bike rental company in the article got in trouble because their agreement stated that they provide helmets and training but that was not provided. Divvy does not claim to provide helmets and training.

  • Bryan

    There are stupid people that ride bikes just like there are stupid people that drive vehicles. The big difference is that stupid people on bikes get themselves hurt/killed whereas stupid people driving vehicles tend to hurt/kill others.

    In order to rent a Divvy you must agree to a whole slew of disclosures and “you can’t sue us” language. Sometimes that holds up, sometimes not. The bike rental company probably got themselves in trouble if company policy was to provide bike helmets and safety instructions and somebody got sloppy and didn’t do it.

    Divvy bikes are probably about the safest bikes I’ve ridden. Yes, there are super blinky tail ights and front lights. It’s a big solid bike with limited gearing which keeps you from going to fast…annoying but slower speeds reduce chance and extent of injury.

  • Anonymous

    Motorola maybe? Or are they having financial difficulties right now. Who can keep it straight.

    “Crain’s”-worthy run-down. I look forward to seeing if the sponsor is on your list…

  • Anonymous

    I’m hearing that it’s Cubic Transportation Systems since they are flush with new business after killing the Ventra transition.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right. Motorola is a big employer in Chicago. So we may need another category of company: high tech companies rooted in Chicago. They may be the only entrant in that category.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it will be ADM and this will be what convinces them to move here instead of St. Louis–the opportunity to fund a bikeshare program. :)

  • Anonymous

    Their tagline could be:

    “ADM: We processed the HFCS that made you obese, now we bring you Divvy to burn off those calories”

  • Chicagio

    Vienna Beef? Then you could have a Red(hot) Divvy! :-)

  • Chicagio

    Or better yet, you could have a bike for each chicago style hotdog ingredient and if you take a picture with all the ingredients together, free vienna beef hotdogs for a year.

  • Anna Schibrowsky

    It could be Motorola Mobility, which is now a division of Google. They could time the announcement to coincide with finally moving from car-centric Libertyville to their new transit-friendly Merchandise Mart offices.

  • Chicagio

    just to reply to my own reply. I did read on here a few months back, the idea of micro-sponsors. For instances, a bar/restaurant/shop could sponsor 5 bikes that would have their name on them and if you bring that divvy to that business you get some sort of deal. It would work with quite a few different types of businesses, too.

  • Anonymous

    And they could provide free “helmets” too.

  • blah blah

    out of curiosity, motorola mobility doesn’t have anything to do with mobility in the transportation sense, no? I thought they were just a phone company, or am i wrong?

  • Anna Schibrowsky

    I don’t understand it because it wasn’t a problem with the Chicago Cards, and I don’t buy it because I’ve heard you have to tap Ventra three or four times before it registers. If it’s true, though, it concerns me because, in addition to the crowding issues, not everyone can exit through the back. Wheelchair users need the ramp at the front. Cyclists have to notify the driver they’re taking their bikes off the rack. The drivers routinely use the kneeling feature to lower the front door so older people can get on and off more easily. “Just exit at the back” isn’t always possible.

  • Anna Schibrowsky

    That would be super cool for Divvy riders and local businesses, but I’ll bet CDOT would rather handle one mega-sponsor rather than dozens of micro-sponsors.

  • Anna Schibrowsky

    You’re right, Motorola Mobility (a Google company) is making those Moto X mobile phones. Maybe you’ve seen this ad on TV lately?

    If you glance through the Wikipedia about Motorola, though, they’ve been pairing communication equipment with vehicles for a while, like putting the first radios in cars and the first microphone on the moon. Bikeshare + mobile phones would be on-brand for them.

  • Jennifer


  • Ryan Wallace

    Don’t forget about Walgreens, State Farm or All State…I would say All State would actually be my best guess.

  • Fred

    Discover Card is based in Riverwoods. Also a good candidate.