Today’s Headlines

  • 500K People Have Registered Ventra Cards (RedEye)
  • Number of People Biking to Work Jumped 13.7 Percent from 2011 to 2012 (DNA)
  • 2 Die in Overnight Motorcycle Crashes (Tribune)
  • Driver Charge in Addison Rollover That Killed 4, Injured 4 (Tribune)
  • Teen Driver Who Killed Man on His Birthday Charged With Reckless Homicide (Tribune)
  • Speed Cameras Will Be Installed By Warren Park (DNA)
  • New Trail Projects Coming to DuPage County (Active Trans)
  • Condition of the Grand Bridge Is Less-Than-Grand (Tribune)
  • Des Plaines Oasis Will Be Torn Down to Widen Tollway (Sun-Times)
  • Alta Shuts Down DivvyBrags App, Citing Security Concerns (DNA)
  • Calling All Bicycle Bashōs: Active Trans Haiku Contest

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  • Ventra news: My husband got to witness a the Ventra pad on a bus freaking out and being rebooted (and rebooted, and rebooted) in an attempt to get it to work.

    Apparently they run on Windows. Such a good idea …

  • Anonymous

    The tollway widening is up there on the list of stupid projects going on right now. An extra lane isn’t going to help at the Kennedy chokepoint.

  • Karen Kaz

    It may be that the article is incorrect, but that RedEye Ventra article says Ventra cards for all Chicago Card Plus holders went out last week. Based on a brief polling of friends, this is not even remotely true. I and several friends got the email to confirm our mailing address for Ventra, but have not yet received the promised email saying the card was on its way. Some friends got the “on its way” email over a week ago but haven’t received the card yet.

  • Karen Kaz

    Not a statistically significant or representative sample, but since I tweeted about this 10 minutes ago, 1 friend reports receiving his Ventra card and 7 have not.

  • Anonymous

    Got the “on its way” email early last week. As of last night, no sign of the card itself.

  • Anonymous

    In fairness, I’ve also seen the Chicago Card machine break. The bus driver just let people on for free.

  • Karen Kaz

    Ventra is now admitting on twitter that the sending out of new cards to CCP holders has been “delayed”.

  • Fred

    I got my CCP replacing Ventra card last week. I finally just now got around to activating it because I deleted the email that had my Access Code in it and didn’t have time to call until now. I was able to get a new access code sent without waiting to talk to a human. Now it is active, but I still can’t register on the website. The whole process has been underwhelming so far. My fiancee has yet to receive her card.

  • Peter

    There are a couple things at play with that… 1st the tollway and the kennedy are under two separate jurisdictions. The tollway is the Illinois Toll Authority and the Kennedy is an IDOT road. The toll authority is self sustaining and flush with cash from the user fees they collect. IDOT is a state agency dependent on tax based funding. Until the state gets their budget issues reversed I wouldn’t plan on any substanitial improvements to the kennedy anytime soon.

    I also believe that part of the tollway widening is to allow for express bus travel on the new widened shoulder. The additional widening is also (supposedly) being incorporated to serve future lanes/ramps/access to future O’hare access points planned for the west side of the airport (when ever that happens?).

    Semantics aside, from what i’ve read its actually a pretty cool project (if you’re a geek like me). Nearly all of the existing infrastructure is being recycled and reused in the new. There are some new (to the USA) technologies at play in that they will be using recycled asphalt grindings in the new concrete section (this is typically not done).

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, but none of that changes the fact that adding a lane there is stupid and will contribute to sprawl. If they were just reconstructing and widening the shoulder for buses, fine, but they’re not, they’re adding a lane

  • Karen Kaz

    A friend and his wife who received their Ventra cards also had significant (as in I’m still not sure they’re resolved) problems registering their cards.

  • Tracy

    I write that the CTA said that they finished mailing the cards to Chicago Card Plus users last week and registered Chicago Card users this week. Once they put the cards in the mail, it’s supposed to take seven to 10 business days. On its Twitter feed, Ventra admits delays in mailings.

  • Joseph Musco

    I got a bus tonight and Ventra wasn’t working. I was just waived on with my U-Pass Ventra card.

  • Yes, but anyone who uses Windows as the OS behind anything that handles money is an idiot: it’s riddled with exploits and all the virus-writers know how to cut holes in it. It is far, far, far from secure.