Today’s Headlines

  • Illinois Supreme Court to Hear Case Challenging Legality of Chicago Red Light Cameras (DNA)
  • Man Fights Plan to Build “The Mistake by the Lake” 1 Foot from His Own Garage (DNA)
  • Transit Agency Leaders Call for Overhaul of Funding System (Tribune)
  • Fitzgerald Says Transit Agencies Need to Train Employees to Avoid Patronage (Sun-Times)
  • 4 Dead, Four Hurt in Addison Rollover Crash (Tribune)
  • 95-Year-Old Bicyclist Dies in Metra Train Crash in Mount Prospect (Tribune, Sun-Times)
  • Man Dies in Bolingbrook Motorcycle Crash (Tribune)
  • Motorcyclist Killed in Edgebrook Crash (Sun-Times)
  • Driver Involved in “Minor” Crash With Cyclist Who Died May Still Be Liable (Keating)
  • Is Biking in Chicago Dangerous? Steven Vance Talks Stats With WBEZ
  • Art Happening Planned in Uptown Featuring 250 Cyclists Wearing Synchronized Lights (DNA)

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  • Anne A

    I liked your quote on the WBEZ piece.

  • Mishellie

    I read the “bike logs” WBEZ collected from Groupon Workers, and this one really struck me as… exactly the same as my feelings about commuting down Chicago. Especially the part about the box turn and the bridge. Just gives me more of a sense of just how many frustrated bikers do Milwaukee- Chicago every day.

    ” When I reached the intersection of Milwaukee and Chicago, my turn for work, I did my usual box turn where I take the green light across the street going south and then reorient my bike to the east. This intersection frightens me and I have stopped trying to make left turns with the cars there and just do the box turn.

    Then comes the frustrating part of my ride: Chicago Ave. When the traffic is light on Chicago, I give myself a few feet away from the curb. Today the traffic was heavy and cars were reluctant to give me my space, which means I was riding over potholes and just bumpy bad road. At the top of the “hill” (Chicago & Halsted intersection), I ran into a fellow biker from Groupon who proclaimed “I think I am going to do the bridge today!” to which I replied “See you on the other side.” I see some bikers take the bridge over the river, but so many end up taking the sidewalk given how the street narrows at the bridge, and biking over grates is scary anyway.”