Today’s Headlines

  • CDOT Takes Responsibility for Plowing Protected Bike Lanes (Sun-Times)
  • Pace to Add More “Bus-on-Shoulder” Vehicles (Sun-Times)
  • CTA Ridership Dropped 1.9 Percent in January (RedEye)
  • Claypool Calls Possible $3 Single Rail Ticket a “Voluntary Payment” (RedEye)
  • Remembering When Hugo Chavez Offered Free Gas to the CTA (Reader)
  • CTA Offers Apprenticeships for Ex-Offenders (CTA, CBS)
  • Sox Fans Can Access Comiskey Via Green Line During Red Rehab (ESPN)
  • Expanded Chicago Bike Swap Takes Place This Weekend (Tribune, Chicagoist, BWLP)
  • Dearborn Lanes Require Pedestrians and Cyclists to Look Out For Each Other (Freeman)
  • Volvo Develops “Cyclist Detection System” (Kevenides)

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