Eyes on the Street: Speed Indicator Sign Now Flashing at Speeders

The Humboldt Park speed indicator sign on Division Street, which we reported yesterday was broken, has been fixed. The sign currently displays the speed when a driver is traveling at exactly 30 mph and flashes the speed when the driver exceeds 30 MPH. According to a CDOT staffer, the sign will be adjusted to always show the speed and flash when a driver exceeds 30 mph. This video shows how it works. The sign is placed after the first pedestrian crosswalk – which is unmarked – in the Humboldt Park safety zone.

Speed indicator sign on Division Street
The sign indicates that the SUV driver is traveling 32 MPH.
  • Jakub Muszynski

    The speed indicator is out and upside down on 4619 W Addison St, Chicago, IL. (check out the picture, it has been like that for years). Last time I checked the speed indicator’s brother/sister on 4548 W Addison St, Chicago, IL was also malfunctioning. Feel free to report it the same way you reported the Humboldt Park indicators, it would be great to see them repaired.

  • Thanks for telling me about this Jakub. This speed indicator is part of the “older” batch, all of which are now defunct. CDOT told me that they didn’t have a maintenance contract for these and are working (still, 5 months since the first time I asked) on a plan to deal with these.

  • PaulCJr

    Hopefully these indicators get people to drive the speed limit down this street. In my own person observation out here in the North East, they don’t seem to make people slow down.

  • Mcass777

    Occasional, wind assisted thrill? Getting these to blink for me hammering on my road bike!

  • When it’s adjusted to show all speeds, maybe…

    This street isn’t the most pleasant to bike on. For the stretch through the park, it’s two lanes in each direction with no escape route.

  • I have the same hope. CDOT should be collecting data to determine their effectiveness.


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