Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, August 7

  • Emanuel, Carter, Scheinfeld, Schlickman discuss why the CTA is more reliable than DC’s Metro (WaPo)
  • Via expands citywide, offers $2.50 rides under 2 miles to transit stations (Curbed)
  • Cook County police officer Thomas Nortman charged with homicide in fatal Niles crash (Sun-Times)
  • Hit-and-run driver fatally struck male pedestrian, 54, in Burnside viaduct (Sun-Times)
  • Driver struck and killed Markese Jones, 9, on his bike in Gary, fled the scene (Sun-Times)
  • Man, 68, dies after bike crash in Naperville Spring Triathlon (Tribune)
  • Suburban woman charged with hit-and-run, DUI after Divvy rider critically injured on Grand (NBC)
  • Driver crashes into Golden Nugget diner in Belmont Cragin (Sun-Times)
  • Bike Wheaton Festival this Saturday celebrates cycling in the western ‘burbs (Herald)

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– John Greenfield, editor, Streetsblog Chicago

  • FlamingoFresh

    It must be getting difficult trying to find various ways to list a hit and run accident for the daily headlines.If caught, these drivers committing hit and run should face serious consequences, especially if it results in the loss of a life.

  • Kevin M

    My guess on why the driver turned herself in after leaving the scene of her crash with the Divvy cyclist two weeks ago: Eventually, others in her life probably found out (starting with the damage on her car, etc.) and they were not going to live with her selfish, illegal choice to hide from her responsibility. I wonder if State Law could hold others responsible for not reporting someone’s hit-and-run when they know about it. If not, then I would advocate for such a law to be considered.

  • Tooscrapps

    I think you’re being too generous here. My guess is the car was identified and she or the owner was interviewed. After an investigation, the CPD notified her lawyer that she was to be arrested and they arranged for her to “turn herself in”.

  • Kevin M

    Your theory seems entirely plausible. I guess with so many hit-and-runs happening, I assumed many of them are getting away with it (in terms of not getting caught by the law/detectives).

  • Kevin M

    You are correct:

    “A police investigation identified Kristen Levasseur, 24, of suburban Romeoville as the driver of the black 2012 Scion TC that hit the 32-year-old, police said.”

  • Tooscrapps

    Thanks for the followup. I’m curious to how the state will prove the DUI. Perhaps they have video or witness accounts of her drinking before the crash.

    Sadly, in many states, fleeing the scene and even getting caught can result in less of a punishment then staying on the scene if intoxicated. The video in this case is pretty damning and it will be hard for her to claim he “came out of nowhere” or some other bs excuse.

  • rohmen

    I wondered the same thing. I think 9 out of 10 times when a person commits a hit and run, they’ve likely been drinking, so I’m glad to see them try and make the charges. But, it’s often hard to make a DUI conviction stick when you don’t have field sobriety tests to rely on. I think you’re right that they must have someone that can account for the level of alcohol she consumed, and that the level clearly would have put her over limit. Or, they’re just being aggressive to get her to plea.

  • Kevin M

    Credit card records might show where she drank that night, and then a detective’s visit to the establishment(s) would get expert witness reports.