Today’s Headlines for Thursday, June 13

  • Family of Verona Gunn, 84, Killed in CPD Crash, Asks for Independent Investigation (Tribune)
  • Police Release Images of Suspects in Robbery at the Fullerton Stop Last Monday (CBS)
  • Inspector General Says Street Repaving Should Not Be Under Aldermanic Control (Sun-Times)
  • The Sun-Times Looks at the Riverview Bridge Project
  • Rates and Discounts Offered for the Scooter Pilot That Launches Saturday (Block Club)
  • A Preview of This Friday’s Roll N Peace Ride in Englewood (Block Club)
  • We Keep You Rollin’ Hosts Its 4th Annual Legacy Bike Ride on June 22

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  • planetshwoop

    Streets and San shouldn’t be under aldermanic control. CPS shouldn’t be under aldermanic control. (Like, in my ward how some schools magically get more stuff than underserved schools.) Zoning should not be subject to aldermanic perogative. Street paving shouldn’t be under aldermanic control.

    I agree with most of these statements. The pure fury of getting someone to respond to you, or to hold them to account, in this city, is maddening. Moving towards a system where this is more driven by a civil service would probably, on the whole, make for a better and more equitable city.

    But we have to have a discussion about what alderman actually SHOULD do. (And more importantly, how many do we need?) What is controlled by a councilperson instead of “the mayor”? What portions of funds allocated by the city should they actually direct vs not?

    I don’t know, and I don’t expect sweeping government reform. But there is a need to give thought to what should be done centrally by planners (probably more) vs politically by council members (probably less, but not zero?)