Today’s Headlines for Friday, December 28

  • Active Trans’ Top Transportation News Stories of 2018 (Here’s John’s Take)
  • Kamin: The Lincoln Yards Plan Calls for Too Much Density & Would Make Traffic Worse (Tribune)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Fatally Struck Michael Potwora, 72, in Niles (Sun-Times)
  • 10 Injured in Multi-Car Crash in Brighton Park (ABC)
  • CPD Credits Arrest of Robbery Suspect to Strategy of Deploying Officers to ‘L’ Stations (Sun-Times)
  • Come to Chicago for the Museums & LGBT Scene, Stay for the Biking (Bay Area Reporter)
  • After Bill Daley Calls for Renaming Ryan for Obama, Fioretti Calls for Renaming Daley Plaza (Sun-Times)
  • How to Get a Free Ride on New Year’s Eve (Curbed)

Streetsblog Chicago will be off early next week and will resume publication on Wednesday. Have a great New Year!

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  • rduke

    Kamin is right. LY will probably cause a traffic shit show because it’ll have far far far too much parking for far too cheap.

    People drive to New City because parking is cheap and plentiful, not for lack of other options. There are 4 bike racks in the New City plaza for comparison.

    Parking begets motor traffic. Lack of safe cycling infrastructure and conditions (exacerbated by too much motor traffic, see Halsted St. bike lanes outside New City) begets motor traffic.

    However, I doubt those facts will sway anyone with decision making power because they probably can’t fathom taking a trip themselves without their big stupid tractor, cannot fathom arriving some place and requiring an massive amount of expensive space to store their crap in while they go in and buy $10 worth of trinkets.

    How can these dinosaurs still be involved so heavily in how our city is shaped?

  • Actually traffic will be no problem at all. LY will segregate sub-urban traffic (cars) from true-urban cars. This will be done by connecting the parking directly to the Kennedy with segregated parking just for each. Sub-urban drivers will avoid the tiny (for cars) streets at ground level because, yes they will be slow and jammed, but jammed because of single lanes each way and slowed by Argyle style curbless mixtures including bikes and peds. Sub-urban cars will enter and exit the expressway directly on their own ramps.

    Kamin is also wrong about it being out of scale. No more so than the west loop on either side of the Kennedy. Or just look at the recent high rises just west and south of Clybourn and Halsted which their fantasy mock up picture conveniently hides beyond the left frame.