Today’s Headlines for Friday, August 31

  • Activists Plan to Shut Down the Kennedy on Monday With Anti-Violence March (Tribune)
  • Why Almost a Third of All High-Speed Tickets Are Written on 3900 Block of S. LSD (Tribune)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Seriously Injured Person, 60, Riding Lawnmower in Crosswalk (Sun-Times)
  • Tinley Park Will Pay $400K Penalty for Race-Based Opposition to Affordable Housing (Housing Wire)
  • LFT Crash Is Evidence Lane of Lower LSD Near Pier Should Be Converted to Bikeway (CBS)
  • Former Chainlink Owner Seeks Advice on How to Keep Biking as a Suburban Parent
  • What Kind of Motor Vehicles Are Most Popular in Various Chicago Neighborhoods? (Block Club)

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  • Random_Jerk

    This part of LFT is an accident waiting to happened. Between ridiculous rickshaws taking entire width of the sidewalk, tons of pedestrian and cars exiting LSD at high speed, I’m surprised no one has been seriously injured so far. I don’t understand why this bottleneck isn’t prioritized over other improvements, especially due to Navy Pier being number one attraction in Chicago. Besides being dangerous this whole underpass looks like it belongs to the third world country. Its dirty, rusty, dilapidated and reeks of old piss. Definitely not a great impression of Chicago…

  • Carter O’Brien

    Yeah, you would think that in an election year finishing the Flyover would be a high priority and would be fast tracked. I would say that one easy fix that would help a lot would be to ban those damned 4 person bike carriages. Whatever revenue they generate cannot even remotely be worth the nuisance and safety hazards they create. It was very short sighted to allow them to operate on this stretch in the first place.

  • Cameron Puetz

    Especially the way phase 1 of the Flyover stands in the middle of a bustling area, artistically lit, and displayed has a monument to project management incompetence.

  • Cameron Puetz

    Banning those 4 person bike carriages seemed to be the one thing cyclists, runners, and Lake Point Tower residents could agree on at the public meetings about the Flyover.

  • Carter O’Brien

    Sounds like a winning platform for mayor. Forget schools, cops, all that contentious stuff – just stick with “I’ll throw those bums and their giant bikes off of the lakefront trail!”

  • Carter O’Brien

    Ha – maybe we should preserve it in that case…

  • rduke

    Taking a lane from cars and giving it to bikes through that stretch sounds like a prime, ripe for the picking example of some guerrilla urbanism. A small plywood ramp, some traffic cones, bada bing.

  • Alex

    Having a protest to demand the mayor resign is pretty silly when there’s an election coming up.