Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, November 29

  • City Issues a Request for Proposals to Fund, Build, Operate the O’Hare Express (Sun-Times)
  • City Officials Insist That O’Hare Express Project Isn’t a Boondoggle (Crain’s)
  • How Incentivizing the Purchase of Multi-Day CTA Passes Could Boost Ridership (Active Trans)
  • Police Release Photos of Suspect in Robbery at Green Line’s Indiana Station (CBS)
  • Driver Crashes Into Arlington Heights Grocery Store After Overshooting Parking Space (Tribune)
  • Delays on Metra, Amtrak After Derailment Near Union Station Could Extend Into Evening (Tribune)
  • Development Near Loyala Stop Will Have 111 Units (65 Affordable), Target, 125 Spots (Curbed)
  • River Forest Issues an RFP for Land Near Metra Station (PR Web)
  • Champaign City Council Supports Dockless Bike-Share, Will Consider Regulations (News-Gazette)

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  • Matt

    Hey Streetsblog team, it looks like the Sun Times link regarding the O’Hare express train isn’t correct (takes you to an earlier Streetsblog article.

  • hopeyglass


  • I knew about the Target North of Devon and Sheridan but not the seven story housing above. So it’s definitely improved in my mind. That area there by Loyola U. is becoming a regular “central business district” now likely rivaling Uptown as the destination between downtown Chicago and downtown Eanston.

  • Harvey Marx 2: The Remarkening

    The O’Hare train isn’t gonna get built (and good riddance), it’s just a signal to Amazon that we’re still capable of ambitious projects. On the other hand, the fact that 2 of the 3 proposed terminals are west of the River (and the third was the originally planned one at Block 37) makes me think Amazon is looking at my preferred site, the Post Office and environs.

    Now how about that Brown Line extension?

  • Harvey Marx 2: The Remarkening

    Are there major employers there other than LU?

  • Maybe Amozon will set up shop there.

  • Jared Kachelmeyer

    Its a good idea, though probably a bit difficult to build at this point in time. Is it possible to tunnel under Lawrence without digging up the street?

  • planetshwoop

    What’s the Manhattan 2nd line running at? Like $1b/mile or something? So technically yes, but practically no.

    A connection on Irving Park always made more sense to me because of the high costs of crossing 2 highways on Lawrence, vs 0 at Irving Park. Connection at Jeff Park would be a lot of work, and the Metra tie-up (if desired) is still there at Irving.

  • BlueFairlane

    It probably makes some difference that the Second Avenue line is tunneling through a bunch of granite, while Lawrence sits over a pile of glacial till. Which probably means that if tunneling were possible, it’d be cheaper, but probably isn’t really possible.