Today’s Headlines for Friday, November 3

  • Trump Funder Joe Ricketts Kills DNA & Chicagoist, 2 Quality Sources for Transportation News (Feder)
  • MPC’s Barrett: Chicago’s Transportation Network Should Help Tip the Scales in Amazon Bid (Crain’s)
  • Driver Fatally Struck Woman, 45, in Woodridge, No Citations Issued Yet (Tribune)
  • CTA Bus Drivers Who Seriously Injured & Killed Pedestrians Were Allowed to Keep Their Jobs (CBS)
  • Driver Pleads Guilty to DUI in Crash That Killed Motorcyclist on I-55 in DuPage County (Tribune)
  • As Requested by Victim, Judge Proposes Community Service for Cop in DUI Crash Case (Tribune)
  • Stability Is the Hallmark of Chicago’s Independent Bike Shop Scene (BRAIN)
  • Meeting on TOD Ideas for Lawrence-to-Bryn Mawr Stretch of RPM on 11/8, 6-8 PM at Edge Theater

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  • F. Hayek 69

    Thank the ridiculous union rules for reckless and dangerous bus drivers keeping their jobs. Public unions are the main blockade to safer and more cost effective public transportation.

  • rwy

    Seems like Ricketts is being a vindictive ahole.

  • hopeyglass

    So, were you trying to just derail this with more obnoxious unrelated nonsense? God forbid people like bus drivers or journalists have any access to a livelihood in a city rapidly turning into a theme park for neoliberal white people barely deigning to acknowledge the people trying to contribute to society. But hey, late-stage capitalism sounds like its really working out for you, champ!

  • hopeyglass

    Seems like it because it’s true!

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Hey folks, let’s keep the conversation civil. The comment in reference to the article about CTA bus drivers who seriously injure or kill people keeping their jobs, not the DNA/Chicagoist situation. Thanks.

  • Jeremy

    The CTA hasn’t raised fares in several years. Do you have evidence that unions are preventing public transportation from being cost effective?