Today’s Headlines for Thursday, July 27

  • Semi Drivers Critically Injured Pedestrian in Lawndale (Tribune)
  • Finkl Steel Redevelopment Plan Includes New Metra Stop, Bloomingdale Trail Extension (Curbed)
  • Lawsuit: Man Refuses to Turn Over Storage Container With $600K in CTA Tools (Tribune)
  • Lollapalooza Is More Than a Week Away, but Streets Are Already Closed (DNA)
  • A Brief History of Soon-to-Be Revamped Union Station (Chicagoist)
  • Chicagoist Picks Their 15 Favorite Bike Shops; Boulevard Bikes Moving to 2769 N. Milwaukee
  • Firefighter Started Program to Reward Low-Income Kids for Good Grades With Free Bikes (WGN)
  • Latinos Progresando, CNU Stage Tactical Urbanism Event in Marshall Square This Saturday
  • Chicago & Evanston Plan Safety Improvements to Howard, Public Meeting on August 2
  • More Teams Needed for 8/20 Chicago Cinder Classic Race Benefitting Active Trans – Sign up Here

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  • I’ve never had a good experience at Boulevard, but there have been only two and perhaps I was just unlucky.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Hopefully I wasn’t to blame for your bad experiences when I worked there in the late 2000s / early 2010s! Otherwise, I have a lot of respect for my former coworkers at Boulevard (a Streetsblog sponsor) as knowledgeable mechanics and salespeople, and good folks, but off days and miscommunications with customers are bound to occur from time to time. Maybe the third time’s the charm?

  • BlueFairlane

    I used to go to Boulevard a lot in that era. Now that I think of it, I suspect you waited on me a couple of times, though I didn’t realize that was you until just now.

    There was another guy working there who eventually drove me off. He was one of those elitist types who scowled at anyone who didn’t know as much as him, and he sneered at me whenever I brought in a bad wheel. (I was a hard rider back then and had a tendency to knock wheels out of true.) I don’t know what bugged him so much, as it wasn’t like I was asking for the wheels to get fixed for free. He reminded me a lot of the Jack Black character from High Fidelity, in fact, and I was glad to leave him behind.