Today’s Headlines for Thursday, April 6

  • Editorial: To Reduce Crashes, CTA Should Assign Veteran Drivers to Toughest Routes (Sun-Times)
  • MPC: If Chicago Was Less Segregated We Could Save Lives, Futures, and Money
  • Time Looks at the CREATE Project to Unclog Chicago Freight Traffic
  • Chicago Woman Sues Uber After Fellow Passenger Allegedly Stabbed Her During Ride (Tribune)
  • Army Corps of Engineers, Friends of the Chicago River Discussed Plans for River Trail (Active Trans)
  • New CAF Graphic Novel “No Small Plans” Aims to Empower Youth, Features The 606 (CityLab)
  • Permit Issued for 100-Unit Tower Replacing Gas Station at Sheridan/Broadway (Curbed)
  • What the Chagall? Changes Are Coming to Chase Tower’s Plaza (Curbed)

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  • Anne A

    Putting veteran drivers on the most difficult CTA routes makes sense in terms of safer operation. I hope they’re able to improve this situation – and reduce crashes and injuries.

  • Pat

    There should also be “undercover” monitors who ride to make sure drivers are following the law and best practice. Maybe not to punish initially, but rather to figure out what parts of routes are most challenging and begin to address what I see as pervasive failing yield to pedestrians, red-light running, and blocking the box.

  • Deni

    Why do the main newspapers in this town always get up in tizzy when it comes to bus, train, and bike incidents but then stay relatively quiet on automobile safety? Which one injures and kills more people in the city every year?

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