Here’s a List of (Almost) All 108 Upcoming Divvy Bike-Share Station Locations

21561259916_d1b1b74ce4_o 2
This station was installed at Chicago and Kedzie in East Garfield Park as part of last year’s Divvy expansion. Photo: John Greenfield

Last week the Chicago Department of Transportation released a map of the 108 upcoming Divvy bike-share station sites, but it was a little tricky to see exactly where the docking spots would be installed. We asked CDOT and Divvy for the specific locations, and they provided the following list of intersections where the big blue bikes will be deployed within the city, as well as Evanston and Oak Park.

2016 ExpansionMap_EvOP_160526_v3
The new Divvy coverage areas are shown in Red. Click to Enlarge.

Eighty-five stations will be installed in the city, mostly within low-to-moderate-income communities of color on the West, Southwest, and South sides. Ten stations will be placed in Evanston and 13 will go to Oak Park — these suburbs lined up their own funding for their stations.

“Note that only 80 Chicago stations are listed due to a few stations that remain in flux,” Explained Divvy general manager Elliot Greenberger. “Because of this, some of the stations on the map and list are slightly different.”

This week Divvy plans to complete the West Side expansion today. Next they will get started on the Southwest expansion, followed by the South Side, Greenberger said. As of Monday evening, they had deployed the following 8 stations: 

  • Conservatory Dr & Lake St station.
  • Cicero Ave & Lake St 
  • Austin Blvd & Lake St 
  • Central Park Blvd & 5th Ave 
  • Kenton Ave & Madison St 
  • Pulaski Rd & Madison St 
  • Kostner Ave & Lake St 
  • Laramie Ave & Kinzie St 

Check out the full list of upcoming stations below, and let us know what you think of the locations in the comments section.

Ridge Blvd & Howard St
Paulina St & Howard St
Clark St & Jarvis Ave
Wolcott Ave & Fargo Ave
Greenview Ave & Jarvis Ave
Bosworth Ave & Howard St
Eastlake Ter & Rogers Ave
Glenwood Ave & Touhy Ave
Oakley Ave & Touhy Ave
Western Ave & Howard St
Conservatory Dr & Lake St
Pulaski Rd & Lake St
Cicero Ave & Lake St
Laramie Ave & Kinzie St
Central Ave & Corcoran Pl
Austin Blvd & Lake St
Central Park Blvd & 5th Ave
Pulaski Rd & Madison St
Pulaski Rd & Congress Pkwy
Kostner Ave & Lake St
Kenton Ave & Madison St
Cicero Ave & Flournoy St
Cicero Ave & Quincy St
Laramie Ave & Madison St
Central Ave & Harrison St
Central Ave & Madison St
Laramie Ave & Gladys Ave
Austin Blvd & Madison St
Kostner Ave & Adams St
Damen Ave & Pershing Rd
Ashland Ave & Pershing Rd
Morgan St & Pershing Rd
Marshfield Ave & 44th St
Hoyne Ave & 47th St
Ashland Ave & McDowell Ave
Elizabeth St & 47th St
Damen Ave & 51st St
Ashland Ave & 50th St
Throop St & 52nd St
Damen Ave & Garfield Blvd
Ashland Ave & Garfield Blvd
Racine Ave & Garfield Blvd
Ashland Ave & 59th St
Damen Ave & 61st St
Racine Ave & 61st St
Ashland Ave & 63rd St
Racine Ave & 65th St
Ashland Ave & 66th St
Ashland Ave & 69th St
May St & 69th St
Normal Ave & 72nd St
Woodlawn Ave & 75th St
Evans Ave & 75th St
Vernon Ave & 75th St
State St & 76th St
State St & 79th St
Vernon Ave & 79th St
Cottage Grove Ave & 78th St
Greenwood Ave & 79th St
Stony Island Ave & South Chicago Ave
Chappel Ave & 79th St
Phillips Ave & 79th St
Exchange Ave & 79th St
Commercial Ave & 83rd St
Phillips Ave & 82nd St
Stony Island Ave & 82nd St
Ellis Ave & 83rd St
Cottage Grove Ave & 83rd St
MLK Jr Dr & 83rd St
Wabash Ave & 83rd St
South Chicago Ave & 83rd St
Milwaukee Ave & Cuyler Ave
Kilbourn Ave & Irving Park Rd
Kilbourn Ave & Milwaukee Ave
Knox Ave & Montrose Ave
Halsted St & 59th St
Western Blvd & 48th Pl
Wabash Ave & 87th St
Keystone Ave & Fullerton Ave
Orleans St & Chestnut St
Benson Ave & Church St
Chicago Ave & Washington St
Sherman Ave & Austin St
Evanston Plaza – Dodge Ave
Church St & Dodge Ave
Central St Metra
Central St & Girard Ave
Chicago Ave & Sheridan Rd
Sheridan Rd & Noyes St
Norris University Center
Forest Ave & Chicago Ave
Cuyler Ave & Augusta St
Humphrey Ave & Ontario St
Forest Ave & Lake St
Marion St & South Blvd
Oak Park Ave & South Blvd
Ridgeland Ave & Lake St
Wisconsin Ave & Madison St
East Ave & Madison St
Lombard Ave & Madison St
Oak Park Ave & Harrison St
East Ave & Garfield St
Lombard Ave & Garfield St


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