Today’s Headlines for Friday, October 9

  • Opinion: Think Cyclists Are Jerks? Everyone on the Street’s a Jerk (CBS2)
  • Budget Hearing 1: Far South Side Aldermen Want Divvy (DNA)
  • Number of New Workers in Chicago Equaled the Growth in People Using Active Transportation (MPC)
  • Budget Hearing 2: Ald. Reilly Doubts CDOT-Active Trans Partnership While Others Defend It (DNA)
  • Ald. Reilly Proposes Traffic Cams to Ticket Drivers Who “Block the Box” (DNA)
  • Uber/Lyft is Unfair to Taxi Drivers, Who’ve Played by Government Rules (Tribune)
  • Thursday’s Taxi Driver Strike Had No Impact at Chicago Airports (Crain’s)
  • Uber is Bad for Uber Drivers…So They Should Join Taxi Drivers in Protest (Reader)
  • Uber Says on Radio Ads That It Serves South and West Side Residents Better than Cabbies (Politico)
  • Video: Construction Work on Fourth Riverwalk Section Drops a Cage in the River

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  • Anne A

    I would LOVE to see traffic cams issuing tickets for drivers who gridlock Loop intersections, especially along State and Dearborn.

  • what_eva

    IINM, NYC has had block the box cameras for years

  • ohsweetnothing

    The lengths the author of that article went to make the idea seem crazy and/or unreasonable was quite the feat.

  • rohmen

    The Uber/Taxi stuff is a tough issue, as neither side is 100% right (take Uber for instance recently winning the battle to pick people up at the airports BUT then complaining that having to pay the same $5 tax as Taxis is still somehow unfair and anti-competitive to them, illustrating how Uber constantly tries to skirt the law and operate in a gray market), but it’s undeniable that they are servicing areas Taxis simply wouldn’t touch in the past.

    Many of us would sympathize with cabs much more—and they really do have some valid points—if the cab companies hadn’t been so utterly unresponsive to customer complaints/issues before the Uber problem started.

  • Jeremy

    Alderman cower every time someone complains about red light cameras. It is the same group that was too scared to raise parking meter rates, leading to the meter lease deal. There is no way block-the-box cameras are installed.

  • Jeremy

    Several months ago, a cab driver was complaining to me about Uber. I pointed out that cab drivers used to refuse to accept credit cards. I also said cabs wouldn’t serve some parts of the city. Uber solved both of those problems.

  • rohmen

    Absolutely. Cabs were required to take cards a long time before Uber started up, but I use to have a lot of cabbies pull the whole “my machine is broken” shtick on me late night.

    I moved to Oak Park two years ago, and most cabbies are fine heading out, but the 1 out of 10 that aren’t are such assholes about it that it gets old. I have a friend who lives in Kenwood, and he’s flat-out refused by cabbies more often than not. He’s never had issues with Uber (pickup or drop off).

    All the above said, I actually despise Uber’s corporate ethics. A large part of their profitability is essentially derived from working within regulatory loopholes, and I understand why the Taxis are upset as there is really no way they can compete given the level of regulation they have to work under.

  • cjlane

    Problem is: what to do about the buses? They are often among the worst offenders, especially at State & Wacker.

    I am 100% for block the box camera enforcement all over the city. I’d love to see it on Addison and Irving Park to nab post-Cubs traffic. The number of inconsiderate as…drivers who come to a stop and will then pull into the intersection for no good reason is infuriating.

  • Matt F

    buses get free passes. I don’t like it either — it’s like a cop getting a parking ticket though. Just paperwork and wasted government time.

  • Anne A

    Yes, the buses CAN be some of the worst offenders. I see it often at State & Adams and Dearborn & Adams during morning rush hour.

  • Interesting work being crowdsourced:

    I don’t see any way to just look on a map and ask what their results for certain neighborhoods are, though anyone can log in and draw their own neighborhood (contribute to the dataset).

  • cjlane

    No, it’s not like a cop getting a parking ticket, because the parked car isn’t going to run anyone over, and is only very rarely impeding pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

    Also, the primary job of a bus driver is driving a bus in a safe and efficient manner. Finding a legal parking space doesn’t make the top 100 items on a cop’s job description. So, it’s really completely different.

  • Matt F

    I saw a police SUV almost run over a ped in the crosswalk on Division this summer, then honk and yell at the ped. I called the cops and reported the officer, and do you know what happened?

    ….nothing. The city isn’t going to ticket itself into compliance, bro. But you keep dreaming.

  • cjlane

    Um, how is that at all like a cop getting a parking ticket? Which was your example.

    Anyway, I want there to be some sort of enforcement against bus drivers, as they are frequently blocking intersections (not to mention that I’ve had a *lot* more encounter like you describe with bus drivers than I have with CPD). I’d need to see a *lot* more CPD to see them blocking intersections as often as I see buses doing so. And, that doesn’t mean I don’t want CPD to be subject to traffic laws, too, but I’m not letting the thin blue line prevent me from trying to get bus drivers to stop driving like cabbies.

    You seem to be unaware that buses do, in fact, get ticketed, and CTA picks up the tab, and the recourse against the drivers is essentially nil, right? For no good reason.

  • Matt F

    the city is not going to ticket the city dude. that’s all I’m saying and that’s all there is to it.

  • cjlane

    The city DOES ticket bus drivers. And the CTA pays the fines.

    Do you really not know that?