Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, June 17

  • Federal Judge Rules Against Illiana, Possibly Killing It — SBC’s Take on the News Later Today (Crain’s)
  • Yellow Line Service Isn’t Returning Anytime Soon (Tribune)
  • No Citations After Driver Fatally Strikes 5-Year-Old Girl in Hoffman Estates (Tribune)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Seriously Injures Woman in West-Suburban Montgomery (Sun-Times)
  • New Aviation Chief Calls High-Speed Rail to O’Hare “Essential Piece of Infrastructure” (Sun-Times)
  • Metra Board Will Vote Today on Whether to Launch Pets-on-Board Pilot (Tribune)
  • Metra Offering Special $5 Unlimited Ride Ticket for Thursday’s ‘Hawks Celebration (NBC)
  • After Being Swamped Monday Night, Most of the Riverwalk Reopened by Noon Tuesday (DNA)
  • Extra CTA Service, Huge Bike Coral, Divvy Valet for Tonight’s Mumford & Sons Concert (Sun-Times)
  • Entrepreneurs Are Already Taking Advantage of the Heavy Traffic on The 606 (DNA)
  • After Motorist Crashes Through Their Window, Liquor Store Posts “Drive Thru Closed” Sign (DNA)
  • Pledge to Ride Transit on National Dump the Pump Day This Thursday (RTA)

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  • A parking-less concert. We shall see how that goes. It’s more like four blocks rather than the two that the Sun-Times suggests, but still it’s close enough from the el. A bike valet, now there’s a novel idea. An interesting test for Divvy.

    But really not a lot of parking is even available in general in the area. If it were a regular event then neighborhood entrepreneurs would accommodate a lot of parking like around Wrigley. Evanston’s fourth of July opens up its downtown parking garages for free to accommodate its crowds and cars.But Uptown doesn’t have a ton of parking. Perhaps more than I realize. Target, Jewel, the Aragon and Truman may have a bunch of parking. I wonder if they have been engaged for the event. Doesn’t sound like it though.

    Well we’ll see. Interesting.

  • High-Speed rail to O’Hare. Well it likely will do nothing for me. I need a BRT from Jefferson Park to Edgewater for those rare occasions when I go or return from O’Hare.

    But I sure like it when it exists at the other end of my flight. Especially if it’s not only high speed but high frequency. Connecting the existing Ohare metra stop with McCormick place and the Randolf stations is the version I favor. That has the additional potential of connecting to the Even-Higher Speed midwest network to Detroit-St Louis-Indianapolis-Milwaukee and St. Paul.

  • duppie

    That Pledge to Ride Transit could not fall on a worse day. With the Blackhawks Parade, Metra expects 45% more ridership. I assume similar increases for the CTA.
    Tomorrow is the one day this year *not* to take transit in Chicago.

  • FYI, the Mumford & Sons concert was postponed to Friday. All tickets are still valid.

  • The Truman College parking garage is a chronically underused, publicly funded garage that could help take care of the neighborhood’s perceived parking shortage.

  • We already have high-speed rail to O’Hare. There’s a train that runs 55 MPH and has been ranked as one of only two or three airport transit connections in the USA where it’s faster to take transit than a cab.

  • Metra is also charging $5 for rides all day Thursday, so if you wanted to ride in “off peak” directions it’s a great deal!

  • Anne A

    I got on the trail at 7:40 a.m. at 99th St. It was already standing room only at that point. I got off at 95th St. and took CTA instead because it was so crowded there was barely any room to move. I heard of similar conditions on many other trains.

    I’m guessing that Metra only collected a very small fraction of those fares because trains were so crowded that it was impossible for conductions to get down the aisles.