Today’s Headlines

  • Emanuel and Durbin to Announce Funding for 41st & 43rd Street Ped Bridges (DNA)
  • Lakeview East Chamber Applauds the Return of Paid Sunday Parking (DNA)
  • 2 Dead in Vehicle Crashes on the South Side (Tribune)
  • IL Municipalities May Be Held Liable for Injuries Caused by Poor Snow Removal (FK Law)
  • Businesses Getting Ready to Relocate for Fullerton/Damen/Elston Reconfiguration (DNA)
  • Alderman Beale Proposes Lowering Truck Sticker Fee for Seniors (Sun-Times)
  • Someone Defaced Benches Featuring a Public Art Project About Black Identity (DNA)
  • What Life Was Like on the CTA Before Smart Phones (Tattler)
  • Photographic Proof That Rahm Does Actually Ride the Brown Line (Sun-Times)

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  • Other criticisms of Mayor Emanuel aside, he definitely has be a friend to alternative modes of transportation. It is so important that people who control the CTA’s budget use the system. Unfortunately, the CTA board is ripe with non-transit users.

  • skyrefuge

    “I know the city needs whatever revenue they can get, but I think it’s a
    deterrent [to visiting Lakeview] to make people pay,” said Ellen
    Davidson, an Edgebrook resident who was meeting her son in Lakeview.

    It seems Ellen Davidson missed that little thing where the parking meter revenue no longer goes to the city!

  • Taeks2Strong4Lyfe

    The Alderman Beale proposal to lower sticker fees for senior citizens with PICKUP TRUCKS is a joke. If you can afford to pay the premium costs of a pickup over a car, along with the extra in gas, then you can afford to pay the regular sticker fee.

  • “Durbin”

  • ohsweetnothing

    Except a portion of it does. Just not 100%

  • ohsweetnothing

    Calling for the RLC program to be abolished. Raising the speed limit on 127th. Slashing the price of sticker fees. It’s almost like there’s an election coming up and someone is concerned with their job security.

  • skyrefuge

    Really? What portion? I know the city gets the revenue from parking *tickets*, but I have never seen that they get any of the meter revenue itself.

  • ohsweetnothing

    I think it’s something like 15-25% in almost all of the City, but then there are some lots where it’s flipped and the City gets 75-85%. If I can find a link for you I’ll post it.

  • what_eva

    He’s not a city in South Africa

  • what_eva

    This is street meters, not lots. Street meter revenue goes 100% to CPM.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    But is it enough to get him re-elected?

  • Mike McCune

    Rahm is just like Daley. He likes funneling money to his pet projects like the basketball arena/hotel near McCormick. Daley was Dr. Evil and Rahm is Mini-Me.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    Regarding lawsuits due to snow removal, what this may lead to is municipalities issuing bans on bike riding after snow storms. In other words if a city cannot clear bike lanes of snow fast enough to prevent a bike rider from riding in the street outside the bike lane and a cyclist gets injured and the taxpayers are then wholly or partially liable because of negligent actions of city snow removal efforts, announing a ban on biking would be a city’s only recourse.

    Or bikers have to ride at their own risk just like drivers.

  • cjlane

    “2 Dead in Vehicle Crashes on the South Side”

    Van driver strikes SUV, kills SUV driver. Motorcycle rider crashes, dies.

    The vehicles didn’t crash on their own, they were driven by a human who drove them into something (eg, another car).

  • As I’ve stated before, when a driver strikes someone with their vehicle and kills them, it’s accurate to say the driver killed the person, or that the person died in a crash. The form that is inaccurate, although widely used, is to say the vehicle killed the person, AKA “robot car” language.

    I think we’ve discussed this topic enough at this point, so please stop posting on the subject. Future posts of this nature will be deleted. Thanks.

  • cjlane

    Yes, John, delete the comments that are unfriendly to your approach to advocacy.

    You have a nice little echo chamber going.

  • Not at all. As stated in our comment moderation policy, dissenting opinions are welcome. However, beating a dead horse is not.

    You’ve posted on many occasions that you don’t like our approach to reporting on traffic crashes, and each time I’ve responded to explain our rationale. At this point, your posts on the subject fall under the category of “comments that we feel don’t add any real value to the conversation that’s underway,” which is why they will be deleted.

    Feel free to speak your mind on any other topic, but please don’t keep harping on this particular issue. Thanks.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Late reply, but turns out you were correct! Apologies for misstating the facts and thanks for the correction.