Today’s Headlines

  • Quinn and Rauner Discuss Viewpoints on Public Works Investments at Forum (Tribune)
  • Predictably, Motorheads Gripe About Quinn’s Veto of 70 MPH Speed Limits (Tribune)
  • Barrington Hills Board May Vote to Ban Bikeways From the Village Altogether (Herald)
  • Think 311 Is a Joke? City Hall Is Seeking Input on How to Improve It (Sun-Times)
  • Resident Gets Nonbinding Belmont Flyover Referendum Added to November Ballot (DNA)
  • Kamin Dubs the Batavia Woonerf a “Handsome Success” (Tribune)
  • Despite Loop Ban, Cheerios Sponsoring Rush Hour Pedicab Rides From Union Station (DNA)
  • CTA Tips for New College Students (RedEye)
  • Wrigley Renovation Work Will Involve Parking Restrictions, Traffic Headaches (DNA)
  • Vacant Lot is Being Turned into an Green Learning Center for Avondale Fest (DNA)
  • Routes Unveiled for Active TransFour-Star Bike & Chow, a Calorie-Neutral Bike Ride

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  • Kevin M

    John, your snarky headline of “Motorheads” griping about Quinn’s veto isn’t accurate. The Trib article quotes motorist Kim Gabriele of Kalamazoo, MI as being in support of the current 55 MPH limit.

  • The headline’s accurate. The motorheads griped, the non-motorheads didn’t.

  • Kevin M

    I’m not sure I follow your usage of “motorhead”; that it inherently applies to all those in favor of driving faster.

    Just sayin’

  • In this context, I’m referring to the cars-first crowd, such as members of the National Motorists Association. The term motorhead has a few meanings. Here’s another one:

  • Fred

    They should eliminate speed limits on expressways. I don’t mean that you should be allowed to drive however you want, but you should be allowed to drive as fast as conditions allow. Why can’t I drive 90+mph at 2am when I am practically the only person on the road (assuming the weather is clear, I am sober, not using my phone, and my car is capable of doing it safely)?

  • The current high rates of speeding, crashes, and fatalities suggests that motorists are not always good judges of how fast conditions allow.

  • Fred

    Couldn’t some of that be addressed by penalties? If you think you can safely drive 90mph, that’s fine, but if you are wrong and kill someone, you get minimum 10 years in prison for each life you take.

    Also, why doesn’t this site clamor for changing expressway road design? Isn’t it silly to design a road for 100mph then artificially keep the speed down through speed limits? If a 50mph design roadway with a 30mph speed limit were being built through a residential area, people on this site would be going ape.

  • R.A. Stewart

    First headline: “Quinn and Rauner Debate Who Will Build More Roads with Money That Isn’t There.”

    Corrected that for you. :-/ And don’t you just feel *so* motivated to vote now?

  • CL

    But nobody ever thinks they’re going to kill someone until it happens. Then it’s too late.

    The most reckless drivers seem to be the ones who insist on driving 80-90 mph even when there is congestion — the ones who weave in and out of traffic, tailgate aggressively, and pass when there really isn’t enough room to do it safely. The speed limit allows those drivers to be pulled over and punished until they eventually lose their licenses. If there were no limit, it would be harder to stop the people who really deserve it.

  • Fred

    The big difference is that Quinn will build roads purely with money that isn’t there while Rauner will split it between money that isn’t there and current and future state pensioners, the poor, and minorities.

  • R.A. Stewart

    True. And public schools that have shown the poor judgment not to be in affluent suburbs.

  • Fred

    Poor and minorities.

  • Alex

    Don’t stereotype people. I don’t own a car yet I’m in favor of the limit being raised to 70

  • Kevin

    > the ones who weave in and out of traffic, tailgate aggressively, and pass when there really isn’t enough room to do it safely. The speed limit allows those drivers to be pulled over and punished until they eventually lose their licenses.

    Or you could, you know, ticket them for those other things: “weaving to move faster than the speed of traffic”, tailgating, and unsafe passing. All of which are explicitly illegal.

    The toll roads are made for the fast, efficient movement of cars and trucks. A speed limit that everyone breaks means that
    1. people can be arbitrarily picked out and punished
    2. The police spend more time enforcing the speed limit when they should be focused on people weaving, tailgating, undertaking, staying too far left, etc.
    3. It breeds a _massive_ disrespect for the speed limits. If everyone goes 80 in a 55 on the Tri-State obviously this 30 mph residential street is stupid too

    Driving faster than the traffic around you is dangerous, even if you’re not speeding. That’s why it’s illegal, even if you’re not speeding. Speed limits should have nothing to do with that.

  • Roland Solinski

    To be fair, Rauner has played his cards close to the vest on transportation issues thus far.

    He hasn’t taken a position on Illiana, but its biggest backers are politicians from the Southland who want more jobs for minority voters – not exactly Rauner’s base. The conservative voters of Will County are apathetic about Illiana.

    We don’t know where Rauner stands on transit or rail access, but as a longtime resident of the city and a transit-accessible suburb, he surely understands the importance of transit like his Michigan counterpart Rick Snyder. The biggest question is whether he will continue to simply send money to transit agencies or whether he will push for reforms in line with Quinn’s blue ribbon panel.

  • David Altenburg

    “Driving faster than the traffic around you is dangerous, even if you’re not speeding. That’s why it’s illegal, even if you’re not speeding.”

    Illegal, sure, but ambiguous, which is why it’s so rarely enforced. Speed limits are a blunt instrument, but at least they’re unambiguous.

  • Dan Staggs

    I feel like “(We Are) The Road Crew” may have been a more appropriate theme for Streetsblog.

  • R.A. Stewart

    These are good points. I have deep reservations about Rauner, but it would be refreshing if we ended up with a governor willing to back away from Illiana (and maybe Peotone? dare we hope?). You would think he would understand the importance of transit—but then you’d think Quinn would, as well.

  • Anandakos

    Please don’t include links to paywalls that block a reader the first time she or he visits a site (e.g. Chicago Tribune).

  • Just Google the title of the article and click the link to get past the paywall.

  • Anandakos

    Thank you John; that’s a useful bit of information. Not sure why it would be true, but maybe the big papers don’t want to piss Big G off?


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