Today’s Headlines

  • IDOT Chief Anne Schneider Resigns After Accusations of Patronage (Tribune)
  • As of Today, CTA & Pace Are Only Accepting Ventra (Tribune, Sun-Times)
  • New Mezzanine Opens at Clark/Division Stop (RedEye)
  • Coyote Tower Project Creates Unsafe Biking Conditions; CDOT Suggests Walking Bikes (DNA)
  • CTA Proposes TSP, Fewer Stops to Speed Up #66 Chicago Bus (Red Eye)
  • After Flooding Stalls Kennedy Traffic, People Attempt to Walk Towards O’Hare (Tribune)
  • TOD Tower Proposed Near Sheridan Station; Residents Grouse (DNA)
  • Speed Cameras at Streeterville Park Now Issuing Tickets (DNA)
  • U. of Chicago Ending Small Bike-Share Program, May Offer Divvy Discounts (Maroon)

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  • Mishellie

    I fail to see how the barrier leaves enough room for cars to safely pass, let alone for bikes and cars on one of the most major bicycle routes in the whole city. I know that I can’t go in the pedway, but quite frankly the street is too dangerous too, especially since cars are not allowing bikes to merge. Could we at least get a “shared lane yield to bikes” sign or something?

    Alternatively, perhaps the parking spots on the NB side of Milwaukee could be temporarily removed for safetys sake.

  • jeff wegerson

    There are two Broadway/Sheridan corners and you are thinking of the other one. (TOD Tower Proposed Near Loyola Station; Residents Grouse). One is as you believe near the Loyola Station (6400 N Broadway) and the other is near the Sheridan Station. You meant the near Sheridan Station one (3901 N. Broadway).

  • Kevin M

    Yes! I feel those parking spots should have been removed, temporarily, as well. Then we’d still have safe room for 2 bike lanes and 2 automobile lanes.

    As it stands, this move is an insult to cyclists. We’re expected to dismount and walk our bikes for half of a block while automobile drivers can sit on their asses and gas their way through the squeeze. Such blatant 2nd class treatment of cyclists! Would Gabe have OK’d this?

    My advice for my fellow cyclists when traveling northbound towards this cluster-funk situation: Take the lane through the intersection and past the construction site; keep the automobiles behind you so they don’t try any stupid ideas such as passing you when there isn’t sufficient room.

  • Mishellie

    Agreed on taking the lane, although honestly I’m a pretty confident cyclist and good with signals and cars haven’t been the nicest about letting me in. I really think there needs to be a sign warning them to expect to let cyclists in.

    If those parking spots were removed it would be much better.

    Over my dead body will I be dismounting my bike. When they tell cars to get out and push I’ll do the same. I’m capable of riding through there, even though it’s not fun and is nervewracking. I’ll do it so others can too.

    (Fair warning: I’m really fired up over this whole scotus thing so I’m feeling like RARRRGH about this instance of being treated poorly for being in a minority too.)

  • In my communication with CDOT about this setup, I was informed, “The developer is not safely maintaining 1 lane in each direction per the permit. They have been contacted and told to correct ASAP.”

  • ohsweetnothing

    Yeah the whole situation sucks, but I’ve found that drivers have been very reasonable (save one very minor incident) about letting me take the lane here.

  • Mishellie

    Hm. I wonder what the plan is/ when that will happen. Thanks for getting in touch with them!!!! You do awesome work.

    Also, I tested out your curbee a couple days ago. Love it!!! Thanks.

  • Mishellie

    Really? I’ve been having a kind of rough time with it. I feel like the drivers are worried about it being so narrow, and then aren’t letting me in because they’re not thnking about who else needs to get in. are you doing it further back?

  • Kevin

    Which scotus thing? I haven’t noticed any particularly notable rulings…

  • I’m guessing she means the Hobby Lobby one (which rules, among other things, that corporations are sufficiently “people” as to be allowed to have religious beliefs).

  • ohsweetnothing

    Yeah I find that if I approach and assertively take the lane as the light turns green, I’ve been let through with no fuss. I’ve gotta admit it’s been a pleasant surprise…emphasis on surprise.

  • alexfrancisburchard

    I think the guy complaining about not being able to ride on the sidewalk needs a big fat ticket. he’s on the record saying he rides on the sidewalk. Give him the full $500(or whatever it is) ticket. Us cyclists have to stop being assholes to everyone else on the road.