Today’s Headlines

  • CTA Awards 95th, Wilson Contracts to – Wait for It – Walsh Construction (RedEye)
  • First of 800 New Rail Cars Won’t Show Up on CTA Lines Until 2019 (Tribune)
  • Vaping Banned on CTA Vehicles and in Stations, but not Bus Stops (Sun-Times)
  • 4 Dead, 1 Injured After Driver Crashes BMW Into a Wall in Montclare (RedEye)
  • Cops Will Be Looking for Drunk Drivers on Dan Ryan This Weekend (DNA)
  • Memorial for Hit-and-Run Victim Carissa Hinz This Saturday in Bridgeport (DNA)
  • Shortly Before Rideshare Ordinance Passed, Cops Ticketed Drivers & Impounded Cars (RedEye)
  • CMAP Proposes Creating Dedicated Funding Source for Improving Freight Capacity (Tribune)
  • Workers Accused of Faking Kid’s Death, Stealing Coworkers’ Identities to Scam CTA (Sun-Times)
  • 33rd Ward Getting 9 Divvy Stations (DNA)
  • Libertyville Residents Blame Bike Path for Their Flooding Problems (CBS)
  • Anti-Cam Crew Plans Protest at Lane Tech High (Expired Meter)

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  • Anne A

    So the Libertyville houses were built AFTER the bike path, and the developer didn’t grade/landscape appropriately to handle rain, so now these morons blame the bike path? WTF?!? Shouldn’t they be going after the developer?

  • NIMBYs gonna be NIMBYs. It’s the same as people coming into the housing on the back side streets near 2000 N Clybourn and complaining about the (rubber-gasket installed!) rail tracks they had to clunk over in their massive SUVs, or people in newer housing out by O’Hare bitching about plane noise. They don’t like it, so they complain, even if it’s older than their claim to the area and has a good reason to exist.

  • cjlane

    “Anti-Cam Crew Plans Protest at Lane Tech High”

    Hope they have a proposal to pay extra taxes, that doesn’t include *me* paying extra taxes.

  • 2Fast2Furious

    This 95th street station expansion is going to be a $200 million waste of money if they/when? they extend the Red Line.

  • It’ll still probably be the preferred landing-point for a bunch of bus lines.

  • 2Fast2Furious

    what happened to everyone “paying their faire share”

  • cjlane

    Speeders “fair share” is whatever tickets they get.

    I say this as someone who gets a speeding ticket from time to time.