Today’s Headlines

  • South Red Line Extension Would Require Major Land Acquisition (Sun-Times)
  • Tone-Deaf WGN Anti-Cam Piece Ignores Huge Reduction in Speeding
  • CTA Testing Electronic Destination Signs on Orange, Brown Line (RedEye)
  • Bus Ridership, Performance Dipped During Polar Vortex (RedEye)
  • Chicago Region Must Do a Better Job of Providing Transit Connections to Jobs (MPC)
  • Firm Proposes Burying LSD in Streeterville to Create More Parkland (DNA)
  • Progress Illinois Looks at the Participatory Budgeting Process
  • TAG Foundation Hopes to Donate 500 Bikes to Bronzeville Kids (DNA)
  • Homeland Security to Honor TSA Worker Who Rescued Woman on Blue Line (Tribune)
  • Chicago Bike Week to Include Art Exhibit, Fashion Pop-Up Stores (BCRNews)
  • Lots of Upcoming ‘L’ Tours & CTA-Themed Pub Crawls (RedEye)

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  • Anne A

    I left my comment. That WGN piece on speed cameras sounds *way* too much like Faux News and I called ’em on it. Who else would like to share their $0.02 worth on the Faux News wannabe piece?

  • duppie

    That Streeterville LSD proposal is a bit of fresh air. Hard to gauge the feasability of it right now, but I do like the out-of-the-box thinking.

  • Scott Sanderson

    Burying LSD is a best case scenario in my opinion. I always thought it was wrong to have an interstate highway going through a public park. I lived in Boston when the Central Artery was buried–totally transformed the city. Hope we could do the same here.

  • Lizzyisi

    I want it buried in my neighborhood, too!

  • Cameron Puetz

    The park over a highway concept has been successful in Dallas, Phoenix, and Minneapolis. I’m not sure I’d use the Big Dig as an example to try to sell the idea.

  • Lizzyisi

    I was being flip. Still, if Streeterville gets a lovely park between itself and the Lakefront by burying the Drive, I want a lovely park between the Lakefront and the neighborhood, too. Because the Drive is ugly.

    The Drive is a noisy, messy, over-crowded route, blocking the city from the Lakefront. As the Drive is now, it’s a serious blight on the city. Drivers don’t obey the speed limits and pedestrian/cycling access is awkward and dangerous in many places.

    The Drive is also the only real direct route north and south on the east side of the city for buses and cars, where we don’t have L routes.

    I don’t know what the solution is–I wish it could be torn down completely, but i recognize that may be wholly impractical. Maybe it could be reduced to fewer lanes with streetcar?

  • Cash Rules Everything

    Is there any doubt that the Red Line extension is the most inefficient use of CTA funds?!?! At that price, the price per foot is off the charts. It is a redundant line right next to numerous Metra lines. It is obviously more practical for CTA/Metra fare integration that to waste hundreds of millions of dollars because two government organizations under the same RTA roof can’t get along.

  • Fred

    Which would you prefer: A buried interstate spec LSD or a properly surface spec’d LSD? Discuss.

  • As we’ve discussed before, the proposed Red Line station locations would be several blocks from the nearest Metra stop.

  • Cash Rules Everything

    And yet, in your latest Green Line McCormick station article, you question its need because it is 2 blocks from the Red Line station.

    The Red Line extension proposal has the stations 2-3 blocks away from the nearest Metra station.

  • The Red Line and Metra do not in any way provide comparable service, even in areas where their stops are right beside each other. Metra thinks hour or two-hour headways are just fine and rarely offer reasonable service outside weekday rush hour.

  • Cash Rules Everything

    Well instead of blowing $2.3 BILLION on an extension, they could “pay” Metra to run extra trains in that area.

  • duppie

    Why stop at the Ike and LSD? Let’s do the Kennedy as well!

  • ohsweetnothing

    He questions the need for a Green Line McCormick station…and then if you read on, he answers his question “yes”.

  • Cash Rules Everything

    So was the same level of scrutiny applied to the Red Line extension which oh by the way costs 46 times more than the Green Line station.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Haha, what? Yes.

    Yes, it is a very expensive project, but apologies if I’m not blown away by the fact that a brand new line extension costs siginificantly more than a single infill station.

  • It will cover far more than 46 times the area of the suggested Cermak green line station, too. :->

  • Except that they can’t, because Metra will not do it for any price. It does not fit their model of service or any of their goals to do so.

  • The new Red Line stations would generally be a half mile or more from a Metra stop.

  • If money were no object, I’d much prefer to have continuous, walkable parkland between Streeterville and the lake. If the big property developers in the area are really going to pony up to help this happen (as the article seems to imply they want to), this could be game-changing.

  • alexfrancisburchard

    Nuts to a streetcar, just put in a fully automatic subway beneath it, Don’t waste money on a slow train, that corridor is proven to carry 70-80,000 people a day, which would make it like 4th in ridership among the L lines. Stop wasting money on bus drivers and build a computer controlled subway there. Yes, you’ll need new cars not interchangeable with the other lines, but it would be worth it in the long run when you have to pay almost nothing to operate service for what would end up becoming probably the 2nd busiest L line in the city within 20 years.

  • Nathanael

    I love the Streeterville design proposal. Areas further south could benefit far more from burying LSD, but the North Side always gets the good stuff before the South Side.