Today’s Headlines

  • Pedicabbers Say New Ordinance Would Put Them Out of Business (Sun-Times)
  • Lakeview Property Owners Sound Off on the CTA Flyover (DNA)
  • 1 Killed, 3 Injured When Van Driver Crashes Into CTA Bus (Tribune)
  • Left-Turning Van Driver Fatally Strikes Cyclist in Roselle (CBS)
  • Driver Charged With DUI After Killing Female Pedestrian in Austin (DNA)
  • 5 Injured When Police Chase Ends in Crash in Roseland (DNA)
  • Man Fleeing Site of a Domestic Dispute Strikes 2 Officers With Car (Tribune)
  • Chicago Gets Relatively Low Ranking for Pedestrian Deaths Per Capita (Vox)
  • Groupon, REI, Peace Corps Recognized in Bike-Friendly Business Awards (LAB)
  • Ari Emanuel Is Part of the “Entourage” of Uber Investors (Sun-Times)

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  • Fred

    What exactly is the routing of the CTA Flyover that requires the 3401 N Clark building to come down?

  • duppie

    If you are looking for an exact list of properties impacted, that is not know yet. but here is a pretty decent write-up of the plan:

  • I assume the man was fleeing the “site” of domestic dispute, not the “sight” of it, although I am sure it was an awful sight too.

  • Ryan G-S

    Serena Dai at DNAinfo has a list of confirmed properties, and a map. Check the third image in the slideshow:

    As far as the exact routing, I would guess the engineers still have a number of options on the table. The lack of an announced route or drawings is probably tied to the eminent domain process.

  • Fred

    Looking at an aerial map, that building seems far out of the way of any path I would guess. I have no skin in this, I’m just curious.

  • duppie

    Besides building a flyover, the CTA also plans to straighten the track just north of the planned flyover.That requires the acquisition of various buildings between Roscoe and Cornelia. That likely includes 3401 N Clark
    Sorry, can’t find a link referencing that straightening.

  • Fred

    OH, I had not read about that. Looking at an aerial map, I do see how the tracks jaunt slightly to the east around 3401 N Clark. If they are straightening that out as part of this project, then it makes total sense. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    Cha ching. Looks like Rahms family makes uber $$$$. Explains why he doesn’t want to regulate.

  • cjlane

    “Chicago Gets Relatively Low Ranking for Pedestrian Deaths Per Capita”

    Um, that would be a “high ranking” (ie *good*) with a relatively low *rate* (lowest among the 5 largest cities; 30% below NYC!).

  • cjlane

    Yes, Rahm is looking out the (“relatively small”) investment made by a company of which his brother is co-CEO (ie, *not* a direct investment by Ari), in a fight that is being waged by taxi consortiums in *every* city in which Uber (and Lyft) operate. Using similar logic, one would be safe assuming that you, Willie, are the owner of several medallions, and are attempting to protect their value.

    Indeed, doing a little digging, the reporting of the ‘second round’ shows that 99%+ of the 2d round investment came from Google, Benchmark and TPG, leaving precious little for WME to buy–something likely to be less than 0.03% of the company.

    Protecting the cab companies is injurious to everyone *except* the cab companies and the owner’s of the taxi medallions.

    Link in the post is a dud, too.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    Me no own taxi. Me ride in taxi. Taxi ride very very good for me.

    No, he’s a co Ceo, but doesn’t have a direct investment? Where can I get get a sweet deal like that? Must have some really good friends. And when you have friends like that who get you a piece of the action, you have to make sure they are well taken care of.

    Hey the taxi business may go the way of the horse and buggy for all I care. I only question the close family connection.

  • cjlane

    “he’s a co Ceo, but doesn’t have a direct investment?”

    The company has the ‘investment’, which really sounds like a ‘promotional consideration’ type thing, bc of the discussion of WME clients doing promo stuff.

    It’s not that I don’t think that Ari would make some $$ on it, but Uber *already* has a $4.5 billion valuation, and whether or not UberX (as opposed to Uber-towncar and UberTaxi) flies in Chicago isn’t going to make it into a $45 billion company–more like $4.6 billion, and while $100 million is a lot of money, 0.03% of that is $30,000, and Ari gets (MAX! Silver Lake owns a third, and he’s co-CEO) 1/3 (and, probably, more like 5%) of that, and that doesn’t pick up the NetJet tab for the month.

    Where the ‘close family connection’ is much more likely to have some effect is that *maybe* Ari called Rahm and said “hey this Uber thing is great, you should make it work better in Chicago” and Rahm took a position bc of Ari’s recommendation (which is *exactly* how politics works–those you trust and (especially) those who make donations get your ear).

    But is Rahm *knowingly* trying to make Ari (*maybe*) another $100,000? Nah–bc, Why does he need the help?