Today’s Headlines

  • CTA Fires Train Driver From O’Hare Crash (Tribune, NBC)
  • City Announces Plans for 20 Miles of Bike Lanes This Year (Tribune, Sun-Times, DNA)
  • Transit Future” Proposal for Rail Expansion Is on the Right Track (Atlantic Cities)
  • Editorial: Transit Taskforce’s Call to Consolidate Boards Is on Point (Tribune)
  • Rahm Announces Plans to Repave 13 More Miles of Arterials (DNA)
  • Pawar Unhappy With Cubs’ Remote Lot Plan (Tribune)
  • Water Department Will Tear Up Kedzie From North to Armitage (DNA)
  • Man Dies After Driving Car Into Algonquin Retention Pond (Tribune)
  • Rogers Parkers Discuss Proposal for a North-South Greenway (DNA)
  • Opinion: It’s Time to Get Bike Access on the South Shore Line (
  • Dottie Goes to Work on a Divvy (LGRAB)
  • Bill Murray Wears CTA Tie on Letterman (RedEye)

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  • Christopher Murphy

    Another announcement on bike lanes and again I am underwhelmed. Again they are improving infrastructure where it is convenient not where it is needed.

  • No Ur Fax

    Pawar and the Cubs lot complainers are really whining and stretching on this one. The area is already a parking lot, so it is being used for what is intended.

    The streets are public and open to everyone. If they don’t like it, then move.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Great news re: Kedzie. They put buffered lanes down last summer (?), but as chopped up as that stretch has become, a fresh start will serve everyone better.

  • I highlighted a couple of the gems in the bike lane announcement.

  • anon

    One more to add to the headlines: the woman driving a car who went on a hit and run terror spree in Evanston & Skokie, hitting multiple vehicles and hitting and nearly killing a cyclist.

  • what_eva

    just hope they actually repave the whole thing. Southport south of Belmont had water main replacement 2 years ago. They only repaved half the street. So, that half is beautiful, smooth, new paint for the bike lane, etc. The other half is horrific, rough, some horrible potholes until last week, and the bike lane paint is pretty much gone.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Yeesh. Kedzie is seperated by a mini-boulevard (parkway??), so hopefully that means they have to tear up and replace each side. Fingers crossed.

  • what_eva

    oh yeah, I forgot about the median between Palmer and North. My guess is the water main is on one side and they’ll only repave that one side, but I could be wrong.