Today’s Headlines

  • In Wake of Metra Mess, Transit Task Force Launched to Create “World-Class System” (Tribune)
  • Opinion: It’s Time to Dump the Rest of the Metra Board (Tribune)
  • Should CMAP Be in Charge of Overseeing Regional Transit? (Sun-Times)
  • Ventra Has Been Used 1 Million Times Already (RedEye)
  • McKinley Park Parents Say Speed Cameras Will Improve Safety (DNA)
  • Clybourn Lanes Are a Big Improvement, But Not Enough for Risk-Averse Cyclists (BWLP)
  • The Chicago Bicyclist’s Bill of Rights (Gapers Block)
  • Emanuel Comforts Hurt Cyclist on Milwaukee Avenue “Hipster Highway” (Tribune)
  • League of Illinois Bicyclists Looking for Help Counting Bike-to-Metra Trips (Active Trans)
  • Steven and John Test Out Cycling’s “Dick Van Dyke Effect” (LGRAB)

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  • Dan Korn

    Bad link for the Clybourn Lanes story.

  • Katja

    Does anyone actually call it the “Hipster Highway?” Like, in non-print media?

  • Anna Schibrowsky

    I call it the hipster highway, but only because I’ve read it called that online. I will be taking the hipster highway to Addison and Cicero on Friday evening.

  • I’ve heard Oakley, a nice route between Wicker Park and Working Bikes Cooperative in Little Village, referred to in casual conversation as “The Hipster Highway,” and I’ve also used the term in articles to describe Milwaukee. Hey, if the shoe fits…

  • IMO our shot at a “World Class” transit system was shot when CMAP’s regional plan put nearly all of the transit projects in the “fiscally unconstrained” (read: unfunded) list.

    To get to alpha-city, “world-classness,” look to London, or Paris, who are not expanding or building large freeways outside their borders, and are instead building new rail, tram, and bus links out in their suburbs, slated to reduce commute times for some by as much as half. That’s what the alpha-cities are doing. My opinion.

  • Katja

    Maybe I just don’t like the conflation of all cyclists and hipsters, which in and of itself is a hipster-y way to feel.

  • Ted King

    Re: New rail links in the London, UK area

    The London Overground network is based on multiple short segments, including some that had been abandoned for years. Much like CREATE (Wikipedia article) part of the work involved splitting up freight and passenger traffic. Another parallel to Chicago is that London’s rail network is the product of fierce, decades-long competition between a bunch of railroads.

  • Crossrail.

  • Ted King

    You did say “out in their suburbs,“. The Crossrail (Wikipedia article) project’s centerpiece is a set of new tunnels under central London.

    For the YouTube junkies who are also rail fans :

  • Picky! Was probably thinking of Paris suburbs. That’s where the Grand Express metro lines are going to go.

    London is so big it’s hard to tell what people even consider London. My friend lives in Dagenham which I suppose is technically London (and will be served by Crossrail to an extent) but she considers it Essex/suburban. But you’re right, the *new* tunnels will be in central London.

  • Anna Schibrowsky

    I see bicycles all over the city, but I only see tall bikes on Milwaukee. Maybe I’m conflating riders of tall bikes and hipsters, but that’s a conflation I’m willing to make.

  • Ted King

    Re: The multi-phase project called Grand Paris Express
    Wikipedia –

    The Transport Politic’s post on 27 May 2011
    Paris Region Moves Ahead with 125 Miles of New Metro Lines

    NB – The above project is scheduled to break ground sometime in 2014.