Today’s Headlines

  • Chicagoland Traffic Is Among the Most Unreliable in the Country (Tribune, Sun Times, NBC)
  • West Side Business Owners Fear BRT But Andersonville Embraces It (RedEye)
  • City Hiring 100 Traffic Aides to Shepherd Cars During Red Line South Reconstruction (ABC)
  • CDOT gets $1 million for North Shore Channel Trail Bike Bridge (Bulldog)
  • Head of Infrastructure Trust Wants “Billions of Dollars” in Projects Underway Soon (Crain’s)
  • Arlington Heights Considers Complete Streets Policy, Bike Parking Ordinance (Tribune)
  • Four Expressway Crashes Disrupt Early Morning Commute (Sun-Times)
  • Chicago BRT Initiative Gets $1 Million Grant From Rockefeller Foundation (CTA Tattler)
  • Extending Illinois Route 53 in Lake County Would Be Wasteful (Transitized)
  • Law Governing Passing on the Right by Bikes is “Clear as Mud” (Kevenides)

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  • Anonymous

    Can we please stop linking to those stupid Urban Mobility Report media stories? TTI’s methodology is flawed and misleading.

  • Can you please elaborate on why you disagree with their methodology?

  • Anonymous

    It perpetuates the notion that free-flowing car traffic is the ideal and that we should (and can) build our way out of congestion through more highways. It overemphasizes time rather than distance, which is why sprawling metro areas fare better than those that are denser, have transit, and invest in bike/walk options. TTI’s measurements are a threat to Complete Streets and multimodal planning. A really great report form CEOs for Cities a few years ago breaks down all the issues with that measure very well:

  • Thanks for the link. I’ll be addressing this somewhat in my post on Thursday.