Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, September 28

  • CBS‘ Dave Savini Looks at the Issue of Trashed and Blocked Bike Lanes
  • Friends and Colleagues Remember Cyclist Anastasia Kondrasheva (DNAHerald)
  • CTA Rejects Bombardier Appeal, Awards $1.3B Rail Car Contract to CSR Sifang (Crain’s)
  • Residents Voice Support for North Side Transit TIF at 48th Ward Meeting (DNA)
  • Why Are Portions of the Brown Line at Grade Level? (DNA)
  • CTA Pulls Red Line Car From Service After Bed Bugs Found Onboard (Tribune)
  • Red Eye‘s “Transit Diaries” Column Marks 1-Year Anniversary
  • Which Neighborhoods Have the Most Block Parties? (DNA)
  • The ‘L’, The Handlebar, and Oscar Wastyn Cycles Featured in New TV Series (Reader)
  • Lots of Events on the Lakefront Trail in October (Active Trans)

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  • Pat

    Glad Rob Johnson got his windshield perspective in at the end of the CBS 2 piece.

  • Anne A

    Yeah, that was *special.*

  • Anne A

    Block parties – yeah, sometimes I feel like the 19th ward has too many on some days – at least too many in close proximity to each other on the same dates. Makes it tough to get around, even by bike.

  • Chicagoan

    I’m convinced that CSR Sifang receiving the contract over Bombardier is part of some long game that involves Mayor Emanuel & a shadowy Chinese investment consortium, ultimately having to do with Chinese funding for the O’Hare express train.

    TLDR: Chinese money

  • Elias Zamaria

    I am very curious about why portions of the brown line are at grade level, but the link is pointing to the wrong article. Can anyone fix it?

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Fixed, thanks.

  • My husband regularly rides Elston, and he’s volcanically pissed that much of the bike lane on the new Elston curve is still barricaded off or has catastrophically missing pavement.


Today’s Headlines for Friday, September 16

Help ID Driver Who Doored a Cyclist, Avoided a Ticket, Got a High-Five (Chainlink) Son: It Was a ‘Mistake’ to Let Driver Who Killed My Dad Out on Bond (DNA) Pedestrian Sustains Minor Injuries in Rollover Crash in River North (CBS) Chicago Sees Decrease in Commuters Driving to Work Alone (Curbed) MPC Looks at the […]

Today’s Headlines

City Unveils Proposal for Central Loop Transit Corridor (Tribune, DNA) Security Footage Shows Truck That Hit-and-Run Dustin Valenta (FOX, DNA, ABC) Red Line Service Delayed After Man Jumps in Front of Train, Loses Leg (Tribune, DNA) Transit Agencies Ask State Legislature to Ban Concealed Weapons on Buses, Trains (Tribune, Tattler) CTA Holding Job Fairs for […]

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Show Your Support for Bus Rapid Transit on Ashland (Active Trans) Riders Say Red Line Closure is Working Out OK (Sun-Times, DNA) Claypool: “Crazy Guy” on Tracks at Garfield Green Stop Delayed Evening Rush (DNA) CTA Uses Signs to Help Customers Navigate Red Line Alternatives (RedEye) “Lakefront Car Tower” Awaits Alderman Joe Moore’s Approval (DNA) […]

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Public Transportation Advocates Call for Dedicated Transit Funding (DNA) Serious Crime on CTA is Down 19% But Theft Is Up 16% (CTA) More Security Cameras on CTA Hasn’t Stopped Overall Increase in Crime (Sun-Times) CTA Launches New Website to Help Riders Navigate During Red Line Rehab (Tattler) Editorial: Concealed Weapons on Buses and Trains is […]

Today’s Headlines

Fare Hike on CTA One-Day Pass Hurts the Poor (NBC) CTA to Buy Up to 846 New Series 7000 Cars (RedEye, Tattler) Woman Who Ignored Stop Sign in Kane County Killed When She Crashes Into Truck (Sun-Times) “Lovable” Grandmother One of Three Killed in West Side Jeep Crash (DNA) Three Injured in Crash Near Long […]

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CTA Fires Train Driver From O’Hare Crash (Tribune, NBC) City Announces Plans for 20 Miles of Bike Lanes This Year (Tribune, Sun-Times, DNA) “Transit Future” Proposal for Rail Expansion Is on the Right Track (Atlantic Cities) Editorial: Transit Taskforce’s Call to Consolidate Boards Is on Point (Tribune) Rahm Announces Plans to Repave 13 More Miles […]