Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, August 23

  • UPS Driver Killed 78-Year-Old Woman at Peterson/Central Park (WGN)
  • Active Trans Will Highlight Need for Vision Zero With Stories About Crashes
  • Active Trans Launches E-Newsletters Focusing on Different Parts of City & Region
  • Sometimes CTA & Metra Delays Are Caused By Issues Beyond the Agencies’ Control (RedEye)
  • New Bike Lanes Coming to Polk, Plymouth & 9th; Harrison Getting Concrete (DNA)
  • Edgebrook Residents Hope N. Branch Trail Extension Will Spur Economic Investment (DNA)
  • Was the 2016 Olympics a Missed Opportunity for Chicago? (Crain’s)
  • SlutWalk Participants Step Out to Protest Sexual Harassment and Assault (Chicagoist)
  • Critical Mass for Insomniacs: Meet Chicago’s Monday Night Ride (DNA)

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  • planetshwoop

    Central Park and Peterson will be on our new route to get to school. There are a lot of families that cross there because of Peterson Park. I’ll see if I can work with the 39th to have signal adjustments made, if necessary. It’s scary to cross such a huge road bc the traffic island isn’t there like many other parts of Peterson to accomodate a left turn lane.

    (Where it does exist at the west end of the Park, it has a zebra crossing but no signal and is frankly quite scary because of the vehicle speeds.)

  • JacobEPeters

    the DNA info link for the bike lanes & curb protection directs to the N Branch Trail article

  • Anne A

    Excessive vehicle speeds are a serious problem in that area.

  • Fred

    Hey John – What’s up with the Kinzie St bike lanes? They have gotten worse and worse all summer and are now effectively completely gone. There are no bollards left, the paint is mostly missing, and this morning cars were parked along the curb on the south side of the streed just west of the Orleans viaduct. I’m not even mad at the drivers for parking there; in the street’s current state there is no reasonabe way for someone to know that they are parked in what at one point was a bike lane.

  • ohsweetnothing

    If I remember correctly it’s either water work or part of the Wolf Point development.

  • johnaustingreenfield