Today’s Headlines for Friday, July 29

  • TransitCenter Releases Stats About Chicago Public Transportation Use (Active Trans)
  • In Chicagoland Mode Choice Really Depends on Where You Live (MPC)
  • MPC‘s MarySure Barnett Talks About Infrastructure on WGN
  • Metra May Build New Train Line From LaSalle Street Station to Balmoral Park (Tribune)
  • Chicago Man Get 3 Years for DUI Crash That Killed Girlfriend (Fox)
  • Two Men Have Been Robbing Passengers at Gunpoint on the CTA Trains (Sun-Times)
  • West Loop Development Boom Has Been Focused Around the Morgan Stop (Curbed)
  • Wrigleyville Anti-TOD Will Break Ground Next Week (Curbed)
  • Trolleys Might Work for Shuttling People Between Metra, MSI, Obama Museum (Tribune)
  • No Booze on Metra & Other Lollapalooza-Induced Transportation Annoyances (DNA)
  • Ride-Share Driver Who Returned Lost Wallet With $3K Is an Uber Mensch (Chicago)

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  • Kevin M

    I was on a midday Metra (UP-N) yesterday. My experience of the “Lolla-effect” was unpleasant:
    –Over-crowding; passengers were in the aisles and the vestibule
    –Immature, rowdy, obnoxious behavior (think “Lord of The Flies”)
    –a “Lolla-bound” young person and his friend playing and eventually sitting ON the Metra tracks of the station I was waiting at–including just a minute before the train actually arrived (it could be seen approaching as he continued to sit there with–yes–a prescription pill bottle in his hand)
    –No sight of any Metra conductor or staff/security (for the 4 stops I rode), therefore no fare collection

    Not a Metra experience I’d choose to be on again. Glad that I didn’t pay for it. I’m very glad that *the young people* are taking transit–especially when many of them are intoxicated. I just wish Metra would someday try to increase midday runs to every 30 minutes. If this train hadn’t been so overcrowded, I suspect the behavior would have been better and the conductors would have come around to collect fares.

  • Chicagoan

    Where’s Balmoral Park?

    Is it kind of by Chicago Heights?

  • JeffParkNIMBY

    Better solution: Fare collection with Ventra. Swipe in at start, swipe out at endpoint. Randomly check people to make sure they paid and fine them into oblivion if they didn’t. And it works when the train is overcrowded.

  • Kevin M

    Crete, IL

  • J. Geoff Rove

    Metra security is fractured. UP owns their 3 lines and they are very spotty. The UP-NW stop at Jeff. Park had a violent druggy camping on the platform a few years back. Metra Electric had guards at 55th st. and little else visible on other stops. BNSF uses their “contract RR police”, some just hang out in one vestibule while others will walk the train. Generally the BNSF platforms are randomly patrolled by the local town PD.

  • J. Geoff Rove

    Another waste of money on consultants for viewgraphs and 3 ring binders.