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No, Uber’s Not Going to Replace Buses, But It Can Complement Them

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Not a day goes by without a raft of stories about “new mobility” providers — ride-hailing companies like Uber or car-share services like Car2Go that have tapped into recent technological advances to provide new ways to get around. In a new report, “Private Mobility, Public Interest” [PDF], TransitCenter deflates some of the hype surrounding these services while laying out […]

Today’s Headlines for Friday, October 9

Opinion: Think Cyclists Are Jerks? Everyone on the Street’s a Jerk (CBS2) Budget Hearing 1: Far South Side Aldermen Want Divvy (DNA) Number of New Workers in Chicago Equaled the Growth in People Using Active Transportation (MPC) Budget Hearing 2: Ald. Reilly Doubts CDOT-Active Trans Partnership While Others Defend It (DNA) Ald. Reilly Proposes Traffic Cams to […]

Single, Universal Taxi App Could Level Playing Field

The City of Chicago wants to set up a centralized, online taxi dispatching system that would accept anyone’s request for a cab. This new tool could let the local taxi industry catch up to the user-responsiveness of increasingly popular taxi alternatives like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar. Those companies’ easy-to-use apps, and sometimes lower fares, are […]

Bus to Zipcar to Divvy? RideScout App Makes Connecting A Bit Easier

The number of transportation choices available to Chicagoans continues to grow, particularly as shared options like car-sharing and Divvy bikes become ever more popular. Yet these options can turn the simple act of planning a trip across town into a complicated exercise that requires weighing multiple factors, like cost, convenience, time, and ever-changing availability. RideScout, […]