Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, January 17

  • CTA Riders weigh in on service, safety, cleanliness in “wholly unscientific” WBEZ survey
  • CTA releases January Meeting the Moment scorecard showing service delivered dropped from November to December
  • Carter blames terrible NYE service on absenteeism: “I can’t fire employees. We don’t have enough employees.” (Block Club)
  • Private vehicle driver critically injured after colliding with school bus near Caldwell Woods (CBS)
  • CTA will pay $20M settlement for August 2019 incident where bus driver hit and dragged woman in Streeterville (Block Club)
  • Family of Lily Shambrook, 3, suing ComEd after one of its drivers blocked Uptown bike lane, causing fatal crash (CBS)
  • Rueben Castro, 31, died after falling on 3rd rail Friday night at Washington/Wells platform (NBC)
  • Small businesses looking to expand downtown could get $50K boost if they open on LaSalle Street (Block Club)
  • Draft of Clark Street Crossroads study has been released for public review, survey launched for input (DPD)
  • Pace lends 1949 bus, same model Rosa Parks rode during protest to DuSable Museum for MLK Day
  • Salter Payton? Chance the Scraper? 50 finalists submissions announced for Chicago snow plow naming contest (Tribune)
  • Lake Forest Police: 4 young people, one of whom is a Packers fan, ripped urinal off wall of Metra station bathroom (FOX)

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