Today’s Headlines for Thursday, October 17

  • Tribune endorses extending the city’s scooter pilot (and complains about getting stuck in expressway traffic)
  • The Trib looks at the possibility of the scooter program becoming permanent
  • Evanston transportation chief: Protected bike lanes can help keep cyclists off sidewalks (Evanston Roundtable)
  • How has bike-share been working out in Champaign-Urbana? (Smile Politely)
  • 5 family-friendly trails to hit up this fall (Chicago Parent)
  • CUPPS Friday Forum: “Should Law Subsidize Driving?” tomorrow 12:30 PM at 412 S. Peoria
  • We Keep You Rollin’ maintenance clinic and bike ride Saturday 11 AM – 3 PM, 13134 S. Vernon

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Thanks for your support, and enjoy your autumn.

– John Greenfield, editor, Streetsblog Chicago