Today’s Headlines for Thursday, August 22

  • Trump’s trade war with China puts South Side CTA car manufacturer’s future at risk (ABC)
  • ABC: Deadly Bellwood ambulance crash last year involved cocaine, high speeds, no seatbelts
  • Evanston bike advocates give the suburb a “D” grade for bikeways (Evanston Roundtable)
  • Signs of progress on building a continuous lakefront bike path on the North Shore? (Tribune)
  • North Branch Trail’s Howard Street crossing closed due to construction — here’s the detour (Chainlink)
  • Tim Bannon, 14, born without arms, will compete in triathlon via adaptive cycle (Tribune)
  • Community meeting on Dickens Greenway tonight 6-8 PM at Lincoln Park High, 2001 N. Orchard Ave.

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Thanks for your support, and enjoy the rest of your summer.

– John Greenfield, editor, Streetsblog Chicago

  • Kelly Pierce

    The headline in the SBC link is inaccurate. It is not Trump’s
    trade war specifically. CRRC is a Chinese state-owned company. Congress is in
    the process of preventing state-owned and financed companies from building
    transit cars and related technology. The
    law is in a provision of the National Defense Authorization Act. The member of
    Congress where the plant is located, Robin Kelly, voted for the legislation as
    did Dan Lipinski, who serves on the House Transportation committee. Also, the undercarriages are built in China
    with the rest of the car being built in Chicago.

  • Anne A

    Evanston does have some very nice pieces of bike infrastructure, but I agree that much better connections are needed. I still remember when trains ran on the old Weber Spur past ETHS, and times when lots of us were standing around at Lake & Dodge waiting for freight trains to pass. Having a trail on the Evanston section of that right of way would connect a lot of dots.