Today’s Headlines for Monday, August 19

  • Driver critically injured man on bike, 22, at Oak/Michigan, where Blaine Klingenberg died (Block Club)
  • 2 injured after driver rear-ends CTA bus in Hyde Park (Sun-Times)
  • Forest preserve worker waiting for bus pulls man from fiery wreck (WGN)
  • Police release images of pickup from crash that killed Mark Dandridge, 54, in Burnside (Block Club)
  • Fox News interviews hit-and-run bike crash survivor Sorin Coneac, 17
  • CTA bus shot with pellet gun in East Garfield Park (Sun-Times)
  • The city has received dozens of complaints about sidewalk cafes blocking pedestrians (Sun-Times)
  • CBS looks at effort to count pedestrians on State by using sidewalk sensors
  • Curbed looks at West Town Bikes’ Chicago Bike Revolution on September 7

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– John Greenfield, editor, Streetsblog Chicago

  • JeBuS

    Shouldn’t that first one say “Cyclist critically injured when he runs red light”? According to Block Club, the cyclist ran a red and was hit by an SUV. As far as I can tell, the driver didn’t injure the cyclist. The cyclist injured himself, using an SUV to do it.

    We’re always decrying accuracy in reporting around here. Such as saying that it wasn’t an “accident” but rather a “collision”. That’s a two-way street.

  • Tooscrapps

    This issue is a bit more nuanced, especially given the circumstances around Klingenberg’s death at that intersection. In that case, some witness accounts had both the driver and cyclist running a red light, while CPD maintained that Klingenberg was the party responsible. There is a video that exists, but the City refused to turn it over because it would compromise anti-terrorism measures (or something like that).

    We don’t know anything beyond the CPD saying the cyclist ran a red, which can rightly be taken with a grain of salt. Despite your assertions, the cyclist did not hit himself with an SUV, the driver did.

  • JeBuS

    If the only information available is that the cyclist ran a red light and was subsequently struck by an SUV, one cannot rightly claim that a driver injured a cyclist. That is what the text of today’s article does.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Read the linked article about Blaine Klingenberg’s death for background on why the question of who was at fault is particularly complex at this chaotic intersection.

  • JeBuS

    I have read the article. That doesn’t mean that in this instance, it is correct to state that the driver injured the cyclist.

  • Dennis McClendon

    So what determination was finally made in the Klingenberg case? I remember John was just CERTAIN it had to be the fault of the tour bus driver—a professional who would traverse that intersection six times in every shift.