Today’s Headlines for Friday, May 24

  • With O’Hare Express Likely DOA, Musk Is Building a Transit Tunnel in Las Vegas (Crain’s)
  • Metra Is Boosting Summer Weekend Service on Rock Island, UP-Northwest Lines (Crusader)
  • Woman, 34, Attacked and Robbed at the Jackson Red Line Station (ABC)
  • Multi-Vehicle Crash Closed All NB Lanes of the Dan Ryan Yesterday (NBC)
  • West Humboldt Is Getting 10 Affordable 3-Flats Made in a Factory (Block Club)
  • Improvements Planned for the Des Plaines River Trail (Active Trans)
  • What’s the Best Kind of Camera for Documenting Your Bike Commute for Legal Purposes? (Chainlink)
  • Lynda Will Be Collecting Transit Rider Stories to Help Active Trans Advocate for Income-Based Fares
  • During the Inauguration, John Discussed Lightfoot’s Transportation Platform on WBEZ’s Worldview

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  • Carter O’Brien
  • Kevin M

    That looks very dangerous. A lawsuit waiting to happen?

  • Kevin M

    Metra is also boosting weekend service on the BNSF lines (and maybe others)?

  • Income based fares is a reach. But fare capping daily/weekly/monthly would also be a boon to lower income riders and is likely more attainable.

  • Adding weekend service is huge for carless transit. What good is getting to work if you can’t go out on the weekend.

  • planetshwoop

    Nope, adding protected bike lanes on Harrison.

  • Kevin M

    Yes, but at the moment (from the look of that picture) it appears to me that there’s an exposed trench in the street that is insufficiently protected from a passing cyclist, pedestrian, or even automobile.

  • Carter O’Brien

    It wasn’t as bad as this pic might suggest, as there was a crew with the bright vests working out there as well. You’d have to be one terrible driver and trying to illegally pass on the right to have ended up in that trench (and admittedly, I’d find that more a case of karma than anything)

  • Mart

    CTA To Close Lawrence, Berwyn Stations For More Than 3 Years During Massive Red-Purple Line Project

  • Tooscrapps

    It’s certainly better than some of the ones I’ve seen filled with loose/non-packed gravel.

    I want to know my enemy.

  • Jeremy

    There will be a community meeting about adding a bike greenway to Dickens Ave.

    Thursday May 30, 6pm – 7pm
    2101 N Fremont, St James Lutheran Church

  • Carter O’Brien
  • what_eva

    They should be closing Lawrence completely. There’s no need for a station when there’s one 1/4 mile south at Wilson and 1/4 north at Argyle.

  • Austin Busch

    Given the ridership, Wilson probably should have been removed in favor of Lawrence, but the CTA had exisiting land there and so built what they could. With the increase in mega-theaters to the area around Lawrence, it doesn’t make sense to get rid of it, at least not until farther in the future when platforms are extended for ten car trains and Lawrence & Argyle can share a joint platform.

    Wilson -> space for express transfers
    Lawrence -> nightlife and high residential ridership

    Argyle -> transit -focused commercial corridor

  • Mart

    Owners Of the Riviera, the Aragon and the soon to be reopened Uptown would have a cow if Lawrence was to be closed

  • what_eva

    It’s 2 freaking blocks. One of only two places on the entire system where a stop exists with stops 2 blocks either side of it. The other is Wellington and that should be closed too.