Today’s Headlines for Monday, April 15

  • NIMBYs Have Launched a FB Group Against 100% Affordable Logan TOD
  • IG Joe Ferguson Discusses the Challenges of Ending Aldermanic Prerogative (Sun-Times)
  • Sigcho Lopez: Developments Along El Paseo Should Have 30% Affordable Housing (Block Club)
  • Yet Another Crisis Delays the Blue Line Near O’Hare as Car Driver Crashes Nearby (WGN)
  • Union Official: More Training Might Have Prevented Last Week’s CTA Derailment (Sun-Times)
  • Snow Leads to 1,000 Canceled Flights at O’Hare (Herald)
  • Lyft Recall E-Bikes After Braking Issue; Chicago Isn’t Using the Same Model (WGN)
  • Chicago River Trail Coalition Advances Goal of a Continuous Car-free Route (Active Trans)
  • Female Ride-Share Users Share Concerns and Safety Tips (Tribune)
  • Ken Griffin, Who Gave $12M for LFT Separation, May Be Moving to NYC (Chicago Mag)
  • Want Garbage by Metra Tracks Cleaned up Fast? Tweet About It (Block Club)

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  • Carter O’Brien

    I can’t wait until Larry Ligas decides to insert himself and his “Logan Square Concerned Citizens” into this. Stocking up on popcorn now…

  • snarkandaddison

    Much like all similar stories, the one in about the person with the bad knee who claimed to have circled for *half an hour* looking for a parking space in Logan Square is supposed to make you feel sympathy but inadvertently reveal how stubborn and sometimes just stupid these pro-parking arguments are.

    Oh, and trying to guilt people by saying eliminating that lot would be bad for disabled people belies that the lot is primarily used by able-bodied people who value its convenience.

  • Argos

    “Oh, and trying to guilt people by saying eliminating that lot would be bad for disabled people belies that the lot is primarily used by able-bodied people who value its convenience.”

    By your logic, there is no need for handicapped spaces in parking lots either, since the rest of the lot is primarily used by people who have no disabilities.

    Empathy — look it up.

  • snarkandaddison

    You didn’t understand my logic at all.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    I’d be totally down with eliminating all the parking spots at that site, except for incorporating the current number of public handicapped parking spots into the design of the TOD and making them available for transit riders with disabilities.

  • rohmen

    Looks like the Logan Square group against the development is being headed up by the architect that proposed a container market on the site. Interestingly, the market proposal itself didn’t seem to include parking, so “parking” per se can’t be the sole driving force behind this.

  • snarkandaddison

    Interesting. Thanks for sharing this.

  • planetshwoop

    “a recently formed Facebook group”

    You can make any community group instantly now on Facebook, so some of this is frustrating. Someone gets frustrated, creates a group, and suddenly there is “community support”

    Whatever my opinion of LSNA, they actually have meetings, where people have to find a public space and do stuff. There should be some weight to these things that a group on Facebook isn’t the same as people who meet in life, and even better, have a history.

    Also, if Rosa approves the TIF, I will laugh laugh laugh. He makes so many emotional appeals about the terrors of TIFs. This will be different for him bc it’s about affordable housing, not the 78 or whatever, but still I think the principle is the same.

  • Carter O’Brien

    Somebody shared a pic showing this new group set themselves up as a formal non-profit… last week. 🙄

  • Courtney

    While I agree in-person meetings do hold weight, not everyone can attend those meetings due to work or family obligations. I wish developments could be weighed in by folks in the ward in the same way my ward (49) does participatory voting. You can go in person or vote online. I forget how my address was verified for the online voting but I was pleased with the process.

  • planetshwoop

    Fair point. I was thinking more about how a “community group” should have a track record beyond just facebook.

    I’ve often felt that some of the CAPS meetings could be more open to “telephonic” solutions. Since they are held on the same night in the same location, month after month, it doesn’t leave enough options for people who might have a conflict to attend.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Where was that?

  • Carter O’Brien

    One of the numerous FB groups, but I think it was Steven who flagged it originally and shared a pic on Twitter.