Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, February 20

  • Community Development Commission OKs $900M Lincoln Yards TIF (Sun-Times)
  • Judge Upholds Lawsuit Opposing Obama Presidential Center Location (Curbed)
  • 3 Injured, Including 1-Year-Old, in Fiery Burbank Crash (Sun-Times)
  • State Trooper Injured in Crash on Dan Ryan Near 43rd in Bronzeville (Sun-Times)
  • Slick Morning Commute as Snow Turns to Freezing Rain in Northern Illinois (Tribune)
  • ELPC: Let’s Revitalize the Pedway With Better Wayfinding, Coordination, Activation (Crain’s)
  • Lincoln Square Residents Say They Want Brick Buildings, Not Strip Malls (Block Club)
  • Video: Man in Official-Looking Yellow Coat Tries to Steal Bike, Flees When Questioned (Chainlink)
  • Evanston Declines to Paint “Eyesore” RR Bridge in Middle of Town (Tribune)
  • Elevated Chicago Equitable TOD Symposium Takes Places 3/7 at 230 S. LaSalle

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  • planetshwoop

    From the Lincoln Square article:
    “The neighborhood should have more public art like murals, and more integrated green spaces, sidewalk patios and pedestrian plazas, according to the poll.”

    The most obvious next step is to close the strip of Lincoln with parking. Make it a people plaza! Giddings Plaza already demonstrates the value of the space, and it would be very similar to similar spaces in Germany (which is what it is sort of modeled after).

    Redoing the McDonald’s north of Lawrence would be an idea too.

    Last, there are a bunch of surface lots next to the station. Those could easily be converted to something more pleasant than car storage.

  • Tooscrapps

    Two things:
    – Parking meter deal.
    – Local business who think customers only arrive by car.

  • Jared Kachelmeyer

    There’s actually several lots in the area. Most people visiting those shops on Lincoln aren’t actually parking in front of them.

  • Austin Busch

    Even if they left the parking, they could at least make it a non-thru street. Extend the plaza in the middle across the road, and allow the small amount of parking on either side. That way you cut all the traffic without having the shops complain about delivery access.

  • Random_Jerk

    Cars mean business!!!

  • Tooscrapps

    You still have to pay out the parking meters in cash or new spaces.

    The spaces are well-utilized and I doubt the businesses will give em up without a fight.

  • No. You can raise the parking rates too. The deal is dollar based not parking space based and then on a yearly total.

  • Tooscrapps

    Good to know. I imagine that’s probably a harder lift.

  • In theory, in places where you remove parking, you raise the rate for the rest, just in that area. You know supply and demand management. Tell the merchants it reduces the riff-raff using up their valuable street parking for their valuable customers.