Today’s Headlines for Monday, January 28

  • How This Morning’s 7″ Snowfall Is Affecting Morning Commutes (Tribune)
  • IG: CTA Broke Law By Hiring Legislator’s Houseman, Who Rarely Showed up (Sun-Times)
  • Metra Lowers Speed Limit for Trains Due to Extreme Cold (CBS)
  • Metra, BNSF Officials Discuss Weather Worries, Expansion at Naperville Town Hall (Tribune)
  • After Teen Fatally Struck Michael Horner, 78, Niles Police Tell Peds to Be More Careful (CBS)
  • 15 Drivers Crash on Lake Shore Drive Near Navy Pier (Sun-Times)
  • Worker Slipped and Was Injured While Working on 63rd Branch of Green Line (Tribune)
  • Driver Charged With Reckless Homicide in Death of State Trooper on I-294 (ABC)
  • Man Saved Teenage Girls From Accidentally Being Struck by Metra Train (NBC)
  • Planned Rehab of Division Blue Raises Hope That Polish Triangle Will Be Upgraded (Tribune)
  • Kamin: One of the 5 plans for O’Hare Expansion Soars Above the Rest (Tribune)
  • Mt. Bikers, Dundee Township, Reach a Compromise on Use of Raceway Woods Land (Tribune)

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  • Kevin M

    Re: “$30 million renovation of three Blue Line “L’ stations in West Town”

    It sure would be nice if the CTA re-opened at least one of the 3 entrances to the Grand Blue line station that were closed decades ago. Navigating that 6-way intersection to get to one of the two entrances is a waste of time at best, dangerous at worst.

  • planetshwoop

    Polish Triangle redesign

    The park in the Polish Triangle is incredibly sad. It’d be nice if there was a way to spruce it up before a major redesign. It seems that removing some of the trees — they appear to make the plaza really dark without making it feel green — is part of the solution.

    Trying some food truck take-overs, an outdoor cafe, pierogi-on-a-stick (for best combo of Poland and America)… something to have a small concession to get people into the place.

    Of course the real issue of why it is lack-luster is the surrounding traffic sewers. Going Time-Sqaure-style on it and closing all the lights at once to allow peds to cross anywhere near the triangle would be dreamy.