Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, January 16

  • APA Study: Public Input Had Little Influence on Divvy Station Locations (Tribune)
  • Which Mayoral Candidates Are the Most Bike-Friendly? (The Chainlink)
  • Woman, 96, Rescued From Car Stuck on Tracks Seconds Before Metra Train Hit It (ABC)
  • Crews Working on I-294 After Semi-Bus Crash (CBS)
  • Tribune Op-ed: Help the Pedway Live up to Its Potential With Better Signage
  • 13-Story Building With 47 Car Spots Will Break Ground Soon Near Morgan Stop (Curbed)
  • 110+ People Did the No Pants Subway Ride Last Sunday (Tribune)

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  • Courtney

    When Amara came to Rogers Park some weeks ago she shared that she used to bike all over the city and still rides pretty regularly. I had asked her how she planned to speed up bus service and was very pleased by her response. She seemed to know a lot about ways to improve bus speeds and connected the lack of speedy bus service to equity issues.
    Mendoza may have chased someone down by bike but I’d rather vote for someone who has more day to day experience getting around the city by bike.

  • Kevin M

    An important transit & mayoral-candidate story not to be missed:

  • what_eva

    His suggestion of skip-stop on the O’Hare branch seems like an argument against the musk express, so I’m down with that idea.

  • Carter O’Brien

    LOL. That’s not a story. Greg Hines needs to stick with topics he knows something about, that’s not serious journalism, that’s a John Kass opinion piece.

    People that advocate for the old “A – B” L stop system don’t remember how tortuous that actually was in practice. This has several undesirable externalities. The L stops that are only A or B become viewed as substandard ones, which impacts desirability to live near them.

    More importantly, the user experience is awful. Stand on one of those Blue Line stops that are on the expressway and imagine what it feels like when it’s below zero and windy outside, and your spirit lights up when you see a train, only to have it sink again as you realize it is not stopping at your station. It’s basically institutionalizing the irritation we already have on the Blue Line where they will periodically run trains express for a few stops to correct schedule imbalances.

    I’ll put it this way – the adoption of an A-B system on the Blue Line would prove beyond any shadow of a doubt what a sham and ill-considered urban “planning” developer giveaway TOD was in practice. Next!

  • planetshwoop

    I always thought there was a really easy way around A/B stops, which was seriously confusing (and I doubt it did much for speed).

    Just make it look like two lines. Instead of a blue line with a and B trains, have a “blue” line (with A stops) and a “gold” line (with B stops).

    Again, I doubt it does much for service but is a lot easier to understand for riders. (I feel like Green line does this a little with color inversions on the signs for the two south side endpoints).

  • planetshwoop

    Pretty sure the fare for the Musk Express is going to be $4.20.

  • what_eva

    Lol, love it!

  • what_eva

    Green line is a different story because the branch really splits. All trains that go by a station stop at that station.

    A better analogy might be the north side mainline where the red line stops but the purple is Express or the opposite between Belmont and Fullerton where the red is Express and the brown/purple make stops. But in that case it’s a true 4 track express/local line.