Today’s Headlines for Thursday, January 10

  • Op-Ed: Metra Board Members, Suburban Mayors Call for Properly Funding the System (Herald)
  • (FBI-Investigated) Mayoral Candidate Dorothy Brown Calls for a Bike Registration Fee (Sun-Times)
  • The Chicago Tribune Looks at 6 Upcoming “Megadevelopments”
  • Man Charged With Intentionally Killing Carlos Posados, 22, With Truck in W. Chatham (Sun-Times)
  • CPD Credits Hi-Def Cams for Arrests in Group Attack at Chicago Ave. Red Line Stop (CBS)
  • State Police Time Used to Target “Left Lane Lollygaggers” to Help Others Drive Fast (CBS)
  • $500K Needed to Turn Contaminated Lot Next to 606 Into Entrance Park (Block Club)
  • Work Begins on Cary’s Downtown Metra Station (Herald)
  • Red Line Transformed Into “Blood Line” to Encourage Donations (Block Club)

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  • rwy

    Evanston Alderman point out gaps in accessibility, including most of the CTA stations.

  • David P.

    Good for the State Police for ticketing drivers (or, in what is presumably John’s language, “left lane lollygaggers”) for camping out in the left lane like it was given to their ancestors in a land grant. It’s terrible driving, inconsiderate, and not conducive to safe lane management.

  • Courtney

    While I’m glad the cameras worked to catch these teens, I would have much preferred the city directed the money from Lyft and Ubers to creating bus-only lanes or at the very least investing in signal priority for buses, the transit most impacted by Ubers and Lyfts.
    I would love the city tax a percentage of ride shares as opposed to a fixed amount.

  • Jacob Wilson

    Re: Dorothy Brown

    How can you be so educated and spend so much time in government and not be aware of the fact that gas tax doesn’t pay for roads and driving is in fact highly subsidized?

    Or maybe she’s just deliberately misleading people to rile up the bike-hate vote.

  • Jeremy

    There is an article on The Ringer about tech companies that are elaborate cons. Chicago is listed as a mark in the write up of The Boring Company.

  • planetshwoop

    The Cary article misses the reason they are building the station in the first place. When it was built the in the 1980s, there was a crossing at the station that allowed passengers to wait in the station, then walk across the tracks just before the train arrived.

    Union Pacific, with few exceptions, eliminated the mid-grade crossing some time ago, forcing the safety issue for passengers. They either have to walk around to the crossing at Main St. or cross at the north-end of the station, waaaaaaaaaay far away from the ticket office. It’s a scandal that Union Pacific basically obsoleted the station and didn’t plan to reimburse the village for the new structure.

    UP has done this in a lot of places, and I’m sure the justification is “safety” but it’s a real menace for passengers. On the same line the Irving Park station doesn’t allow at-grade crossings, forcing people to walk a seriously long way around the tracks if they need to cross. (This impacts a big number of the people de-training in the evening — they cannot simply cross the tracks but have to walk a long way around.) The reason this seems like a gap is that Jeff Park still has an at-grade crossing.

    I know the UP really doesn’t care about the passengers, and Metra often cares more about good relationships with the railroads over the passengers, but when we raise complaints about ticket costs and waste, this is where some of it comes from.

  • Carter O’Brien
  • Tooscrapps

    Definitely seems like a con, but Chicago is far from “staking their [its] transportation future” on the O’Hare express.

    However, NYC is definitely staking theirs on some questionable tech/methods with the new L train plan.

  • It may be a revenue gimmick. It’s futile even if they publicized it hard. Like with the cute sayings on the roadside info signs – geeze I can’t quickly come up with good one – “camp on the left, get eaten by smokey on the right” will have to do.

    But it’s like all other enforcement attempts, say rush hour parking bans on arterials, there is always someone who doesn’t get it. Now if they could figure out a way to camera trap it every couple of miles…

    Ultimately we want to decongestion charge that lane anyway. That’ll make some serious money and could become a BRT lane as well.