Today’s Headlines for Thursday, January 3

  • Ald. Hopkins Invites Residents to Weigh in on Lincoln Yards Via Survey (Curbed)
  • Driver Who Fatally Struck Woman in Waukegan Charged With Hit-and-Run (Tribune)
  • Police Officer Injured in Austin Crash (WGN)
  • Police: Drunk Driver Crashed Near Riverside High School (Sun-Times)
  • Driver Charged With DUI After Geneva Crash (Sun-Times)
  • North Shore Towns Seek to Ease the Reverse Commute to Suburban Offices (Tribune)
  • WBEZ, ProPublica Discuss How Parking Fees Impact the Poor 1/30 at John Marshall

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  • Cameron

    RE: North Shore Towns Seek to Ease the Reverse Commute to Suburban Offices

    I wonder why all of the added trains are express trains skipping the neighborhood stations? This means that commuters will need to take the CTA to Union Station and then transfer to Metra making for a very long and expensive commute since they would need both CTA and Metra passes. The North Shore reverse commuter on the UPN depends on commuters living near the Ravenswood and Rogers Park stations. On the MDN it seems shortsighted to give up the ridership base living near the Western, Healy, Grayland, and Mayfair stations.

  • Anne A

    Looks like the Lincoln Yards survey is closed.

  • planetshwoop

    I suspect it has to do with where to fit the trains on the corridor, ie scheduling since they are sharing with the inbound express trains, Amtrak, the at-grade crossings, etc. (Just a theory. I don’t really know the answer.)

    The talking points in the article were clearly corporate needs and the usual “millenials want it”. I suspect that there is also a need for support staff — cooks, nannies, etc.

    Lake County has lost a few high profile employers even as it has gained some. (Kraft, Aon, Takeda) I bet the villages are interested in trying to make it more attractive to win some back.

    Also, can we dream of having regional rail? We can just dream I think.

  • FlamingoFresh