Today’s Headlines for Thursday, December 27

  • Op-ed: Instead of Casino, Let’s Help SE Side With Nature Tourism, Including Biking (Sun-Times)
  • 7 Injured, 3 Seriously, in 1-Car Rollover Crash Near Pilsen (Tribune)
  • Family of Missing UIC Student Asks CTA to Turn Over Surveillance Video (ABC)
  • Days After 2 Officers Killed by MED Train, Officer Nearly Struck by RIL Train (ABC)
  • Mary Mitchell: No Honor in Renaming the Dan Ryan Express After Obama (Sun-Times)
  • …So Maybe We Should Rename Halsted Street for Him Instead?
  • Block Club Checks Out Women Trans Femme Night at the Recyclery

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  • Anne A

    The video of that officer nearly getting hit by the Rock Island train is scary stuff. Good thing that he had the presence of mind and training to make that evasive maneuver.

  • david vartanoff

    Alert to Train Movement
    Employees must expect the movement of trains, engines, cars, or other movable equipment at any time,
    on any track, and in either direction.
    Employees must not stand on the track in front of an approaching engine, car, or other moving equipment.
    Employees must be aware of location of structures or obstructions where clearances are close
    from the GCOR rulebook

  • FlamingoFresh

    I live off of Halsted and like the name. I’m not against a street being renamed after Obama but my preference is not Halsted. Also, I assume all transit stops and signs with Halsted would need to be updated accordingly. I know this would be the case for any road but maybe there’s another road with just as much prominence and won’t need as much of a transformation.

  • Guest

    Asking everyone who lives or has a business along the 21 miles of Halsted Street in Chicago to change all their addresses is a big lift.

  • Tooscrapps