Today’s Headlines for Friday, December 14

  • Ordinance Introduced to Expand TOD Zones to 8 Bus Corridors (Curbed)
  • Pritzker Campaign Responds to SBC Article About His Infrastructure Committee (Capitol Fax)
  • Hermosa, Logan Community Leaders Launch Plan to Fight Displacement (Block Club)
  • Cop Whose Chase Ended in Death of Driver May Get $140K in Worker’s Comp (Tribune)
  • Mayoral Candidates Discuss Struggles That Have Shaped Their Views on Disability (Politico)
  • Cook County Repeals Lower Tax Rate for Parking Apps (Crain’s)
  • Steven Discusses His Sustainable Transportation Platform at a YPT Meetup on 12/19

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  • So was ActiveTrans snubbed by the governor or merely overlooked for a seat at the infrastructure table? It’s bad in either case but changes tactical considerations. If snubbed then an aggressive oppositional stance is one reasonable approach. If merely overlooked then an aggressive educational approach is called for.

    Or perhaps Active Trans just lacks clout. MPC clearly has clout. But are they too in bed with neo-Liberal ideologues to take non-automotive transit seriously?

    We are being told that MPC is our conduit to the governor. Me personally I have no feel for MPC. Well not quite no feel. I had a nice conversation with Jeremy at the last Streetsblog get-together.

    So back to you John, I guess.

  • BlueFairlane

    It turns out this was a ridership committee, not a coverage committee.

  • lol. You are hilarious. Good one!

    But now that I hear it was ridership rather than coverage I am even more pissed by the snub!!!

    I forget, have we met?

  • A ridership committee seeks as much participation as it can get. A coverage committee just needs to include those who complain.

    Either way this committee is a failure. A successful ridership committee would have included Active Trans, and a successful coverage committee would include them if they asked.