Today’s Headlines for Monday, November 19

  • Hopes Rise for Amtrak Service to Quad Cities and Dubuque (Tribune)
  • Driver Fatally Struck Eloy Comacho, 67, in West Garfield Park (Sun-Times)
  • Family of Willy Gonzalez, 38, Killed at Ashland/Augusta, Say Driver Hit Him Intentionally (WGN)
  • CTA Bus Driver Strikes Man, 80, at Madison/Pulaski (CBS)
  • Suspect in Assault on Cyclists Arrested After Residents Help ID Him (Block Club)
  • … Alleged Assailant’s Bond Set at $5K, Next Court Date Scheduled for Tuesday (Tribune)
  • Workers Install Pedestrian Bridge at 95th Street Red Line Station (CBS)
  • After 7 Years of Pushing by Residents, Ped Island Installed by Avondale-Logan School (Block Club)
  • Family That Wants to Install Garage for Teen With Wheelchair Told to Wait a Month (Block Club)
  • When the Eisenhower Expressway Moved in, Who Was Forced Out? (WBEZ)
  • In 1921 You Could Ride an Elevated Train From the Stockyard to the Lakefront (Reddit)
  • Emanuel and Griffin Host Lakefront Chill 5K to Celebrate End of LFT Path Separation Project

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  • Carter O’Brien

    7 years? We’ve been trying to get Kimball fixed forever! Still not sure why they couldn’t just put a stop sign there, but I wonder if this has anything to do with it: “Kimball Avenue happens to be under the purview of both the city’s Department of Transportation and the Illinois Department of Transportation, which made planning more difficult, according to the alderman.”

    This is a half mile from the expressway, no idea why IDOT should have any jurisdiction here, but defying logic is often the order of the day in these parts, and we are still awaiting word on the Wellington Greenway that was also voted for and part of this PB. They need to fix westbound traffic from Wellington, because the island theoretically separating left turners from right turners often does not work as designed. And very few cars on Wellington even make a half-hearted attempt to stop at Christiana, we can see the corner from our living room and it’s just pathetic – we need some actual traffic law enforcement.

  • Austin Busch

    I’m very interested in whether the Kenwood branch could be made into a 606-like trail connecting the LFT to the green line. I know there’s a development along MLK in the way, but there’s also a fancy new ped bridge at the lakefront end.

  • Kelly Pierce

    The headline about Zachary Konecki, the violent ass groper,
    is misleading. His bond is $5,000. This means his bail, the money necessary to
    be released from jail before his trial, is a measly $500.

  • Courtney

    Camera enforcement on our streets would be great. The amount of speeding and other traffic violations I see on a daily basis is angering and disheartening.

  • Cameron

    The viaduct structure on the Kenwood Branch appears to be in much worse shape than the Bloomingdale Line was when construction began on the 606, which is to be expected since the line has been dormant longer. Also none of the bridges remain. The right of way is intact, so a trail is feasible, but would require more work to convert than the 606 did.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Sorry, that was a typo, fixed.

  • Anne A

    It’s a cool idea, but nearly all the bridges are gone, so it would be a very expensive proposition to recreate this right of way.

  • Austin Busch

    I mean, the 41st pedestrian bridge came in just under $30m, and this would make that investment more useful. Also, although the 606 had existing bridges, it also added hills and valleys for recreation that would be unnecessary for transportation. Given the connections this right-of-way has to transit and the bike network, I think it would see a better ROI.

  • Anne A

    Take a look at this satellite view to see how much is missing. Start at 41st and Lake Park and follow the green ribbon westbound along the south side of 41st St. – 1 missing bridge at Ellis, then an entire block missing between Drexel and Cottage Grove. Continue NW from Cottage Grove – more missing bridges at 41st, 40th, Vincennes, and King Dr. The only remaining bridge before the right of way meets the existing green line right of way is at Calumet. It’s a cool idea, but those are some major obstacles to overcome.,+Chicago,+IL+60653/@41.8201714,-87.6058887,642m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x880e2befb04466cd:0x46dd03e603f78d4c!8m2!3d41.8280732!4d-87.6075246

  • Neil Maude

    Yea but they also demolished parts of the elevated structure for housing development (e.g. – in between Drexel and Cottage.