Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, November 13

  • It’s Official: Chicago Has Lost Its Bid for Amazon’s H2 Headquarters (Tribune)
  • Sun-Times: The Chicago Region’s Future Depends on Adequately Funding Transit
  • Emanuel to Unveil Preservation Strategy for Little Village and Pilsen (Sun-Times)
  • Driver Who Struck 4 Pedestrians on Logan Bar Strip Charged With DUI (NBC)
  • CTA, Union: Sun-Times Story on Operators Using Buses as Bathrooms Was Unfair
  • Lime and ATA Discuss Pros and Cons of Bringing Dockless Scooters to Town (WTTW)
  • Survey Results From Drivers on 7-Year Wait List for Naperville Metra Parking  (Tribune)
  • Doe! Blue Line Trains Delayed by Deer on Tracks (WGN)
  • Learn About Pace’s Pulse Express Bus at an Urban Transportation Center Talk on 11/15
  • Cosmic Bikes Hosts an All-Day Open House for Bike Shop Day on December 1

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  • FlamingoFresh

    In regards to the Sun Times article of the CTA Dorval Carter and Union response to bus drivers using the bus as a bathroom:

    All these employees should be fired. There’s no reason any should be protected for this disgusting act. It’s clear that the CTA downplayed the occurrence of this type of thing happening but the original article interviewed an unnamed person within the CTA confirming this happens more often than reported. I’m going to have to believe the unnamed source over the CTA spokesperson and Union. Of course they will try to downplay it, they don’t want to lose anymore customers and it makes them look even worse.

    In the original article the CTA spokesperson Brian Steels says, “This kind of conduct by CTA employees is unacceptable and completely avoidable.” Well if that’s the case, then why didn’t the CTA fire all of them? If the majority of bus drivers are capable of not using the bus as a bathroom, which is a crime, then why do we have to put up with slobs like this as drivers?

    As for the driver do you think you’ll be more likely reprimanded for exiting the bus to use the restroom and take an extra minute or 2 or using the bus as your bathroom? It’s clear one action is more acceptable than the other.

  • What, nothing about Turo?

  • Courtney

    I use Turo and I’m genuinely curious as to what news you feel should be reported.

  • Courtney

    I saw this case mentioned in the Crain’s article. I’ve seen cars from this person on the site but didn’t know he owned so many cars. At most I thought it was 10-15.

  • Austin Busch

    I’m almost sad the deer wasn’t found near Bucktown.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Nice one.

  • Cameron

    The guy in Uptown with 40 cars isn’t a problem with Turo, it’s a problem with the permissive rules for using a public street to store personal property. If the cars were owned by a private collector or a different type of business, the problem would be the same.

  • Exactly. Tragedy of the commons and so forth.