Today’s Headlines for Friday, November 9

  • Lyft Driver Sued Over Fatal Crash With Motorcyclist in Pilsen (Sun-Times)
  • Amtrak, Metra Service Resumes at Union Station After Signal Failure (Sun-Times)
  • City Officials Plan to Meet With Dockless Scooter Companies Next Month (Tribune)
  • Evanston Adds 3 New Divvy Stations, Bringing the Total to 14
  • City Wants a New TIF to Support Lincoln Yards, Michele Smith Challenges It (Block Club)
  • Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for the Lakeview Low-Line Project
  • World Day of Remembrance Vigil for Crash Victims 11/19, 11:30 AM in Federal Plaza

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  • rwy

    I’ve used the new divvy station at Dodge/Mulford a few times. It’s slightly closer to my house than one of the older stations, but not as close as I’d like it to be. I even brought home a few things from Trader Joe’s in the front basket. Was not quite sure what to do with the bungee cord though.

  • Cameron

    I hope the city is able to come up with a smart plan for electric scooters, although based on the dockless bikeshare pilot I’m not optimistic. Done right, scooters have the potential to be a good addition to the transportation mix. There’s a lot of benefit in having more lightweight, moderate, energy and space efficient human scale transportation options. There’s certainly a niche for an option like this that in many cases is currently being filed poorly by cabs and rideshare. However, as other cities have shown, done wrong scooters can get ugly fast.

  • planetshwoop

    there are hooks on the front, so you wrap the bungee over them and it holds stuff in the front.

    Living at the edge of Divvy in Chicago, I hope they expand it so I can use it for getting to the CTA in the winter. (probably won’t happen til next year at the earliest.)

  • BlueFairlane

    I recently took a trip that took me through both Austin and San Diego, both of which have gone all in on the scooters, and I found the experience very annoying. It’s not a question of whether they go in the street or on the sidewalk, as people ride them flat out all over the place. I’ve ridden bikes in Chicago up Western Ave. or Dearborn or Madison before any of the bike lanes were installed, and I felt 10 times more comfortable than I felt trying to walk amongst the scooters on a San Diego sidewalk.

  • rwy

    The hard part is getting the bungee cord around the bag of groceries without crushing them. The basket obviously isn’t made for groceries.

  • Austin Busch

    The “basket” (taco?) is specifically designed to not collect trash. I guess it can be helpful for a purse, I’ve held a messenger bag there for long distances, but found most trips are too short to bother. I agree, not helpful with groceries.

  • rohmen

    I was just in San Francisco, and saw the same thing. Scooter riders basically rode wherever it was easiest for them, including on crowded sidewalks if the roads were backed up. I also was in a Lyft when a scooter rider cut in front of the car on a busy rush hour street. You could tell my driver was freaked out and very annoyed by them.

    I hope the culture and ride-safe aspects of these things catch up fast, as otherwise it’ll only take a couple of ugly incidents and I think you’ll see them get heavily regulated (and maybe that’s not a bad thing if people can’t use them responsibly).