Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, August 21

  • CDOT Urges Motorists to use Transit as Resurfacing Project Necessitates Lake Shore Drive Lane Closures (Tribune)
  • Renovated Illinois Medical District Blue Line Station Reopens This Morning (ABC7)
  • Street Projects were Coordinated on Belmont to Reduce Closure Times, but Residents Call it Poor Planning (Block Club)
  • Man Found Dead on Tracks at Fullerton CTA Station; Police Are Saying it was an Accident (Tribune)
  • Teens in Art Program Paint New Murals on Viaduct Walls under Future Englewood Line (Block Club)
  • Teacher: CTA Should be Free For CPS Students Who Sometimes Have Trouble Showing Up to Class
  • Metra Operators BNSF and UP Stopped Running Trains During Severe Weather Yesterday Evening (ABC7)
  • Active Transportation Alliance is Hosting a Regional Trails Summit on Saturday
  • Obesa Adipose

    $23m for the Blue Line Illinois Medical District station rehab which can now handle parking for all of 4 bikes.

  • ohsweetnothing

    1. If you want to go to O’Hare from Belmont, you get on at Belmont and take the train one stop back, then take the O’Hare bound train. No shuttle needed.

    2. “With cars driving really fast, it’s been hard to drive and it’s been hard to bike. Even as a pedestrian, it’s difficult to cross the street and the alleys — people are plowing through and not stopping.”

    …that’s not a construction problem. I live in that area and cars are plowing through and not stopping regardless of the presence of a construction project. For years.

    3. If the City came in and did each project seperately and resurfaced each project seperately people would still be upset and call it poor planning to the nth degree AND the disruption would drag on far longer than doing it all at once.

    4. The website idea is….very good actually! I’d like that too.

  • Anne A

    That &#*$# project took long enough! I can’t believe it’s finally done.

    Parking for only 4 bikes? Seriously?