Today’s Headlines for Monday, August 20

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First of all, a huge thanks to all the advertisers, sponsors, and readers who have helped out with the effort to win the $50K challenge grant from the Chicago Community Trust. The additional $25K The Trust is offering this year will allow us to hire a part-time reporter to expand our coverage of the South and West sides, communities of color, and women’s transportation issues.

Unfortunately, due to a major sponsorship that didn’t materialize in time, we didn’t hit $50K by the midnight 8/1 deadline. Fortunately, The Trust has graciously extended the deadline to 9/1. We’re currently at $49,235, so we’ve got only $765 left to raise.

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  • FlamingoFresh

    The Tribune Editorial about a driverless future never mentions driverless public transit. An article that talks about driverless vehicles and the possibility of curb space availability should mention the most efficient form of curb usage for loading and unloading individuals.

  • sam K

    FYI, the Howard CTA station this morning was a font of grisly Streetsblog headlines.

    At around 8:30am, I saw someone was sprawled out on Howard St., apparently hit by the 97 bus. He was surrounded by cops awaiting an ambulance. I thought he was dead, but then he moved. It looked bad.

    Half an hour later I heard a CTA worker mention there was a dead body on the tracks at the station, and it was being treated as a crime scene.

    Multimodal tragedy. Oy vey!

  • planetshwoop

    The “plan for a driverless car future” series of coverage infuriates me.

    First, there will be a LONG tail of non-driverless cars. Anyone buying a car today isn’t getting one, and they’ll be around for 10-15 years. Shaping semi-automated driving — like when the features from Tesla and Mercedes “filter down” to us is more helpful.

    Second, having the “driverless car” discussion focuses our attention squarely on the status quo. We’re endlessly debating a thing that isn’t here.

    Cell phones are killing people and destroying things at an alarming rate. Why aren’t we having that discussion instead of driverless cars? Why isn’t there a better answer instead of “don’t do it?”

    Oh right, because the cell phone companies are the same ones selling our driverless car future.

  • ohsweetnothing

    I find the positon the Sun-Times editorial is taking to be a very encouraging sign…they’re right we need to do much more to truly become bike friendly. Their suggested solutions were tepid by comparision, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.